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Gay war hero calls on homophobic general to apologise

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Reader comments

  1. Rabbi Yossef 13 Mar 2007, 2:09pm

    Ig there are 65000 queer and dyke troops in the US military then they should be sent first to Iraq… they are an unnatural abomination that must be driven from the earth before they seduce young children to fall into their mental illness. Maybe the moslems will know what to do with them… apparently america and england are too filled with queers to know what to do.

  2. Richard Arellano 13 Mar 2007, 10:06pm

    For a Rabbi, a man of the cloth, to makesuch evil remarks about homosexuals,should not be allowed to serve and preachas a servant of God. How dare he past judgment on God’screatures, as if he were God himself.

  3. In this day and age, it shouldn’t seem out of the ordinary for a Rabbi to say such a thing since that is what their religion teaches them. How dare someone to question his right to Judge and the scripture does say that we have a right to judge but to judge wisely because as we judge so shall we be judged. It’s not right to condemn what he has to say because just as Gays think that have the right to be abominable, he has the right to say so…

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