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Catholics protest gay rights from the pulpit

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  1. Oooer, spooky.Just read that that Walsh bloke was leaving X Factor and then, wham, there he is in a dog collar looking sneery….How bizarre!

  2. Father Ted McBum 12 Mar 2007, 4:18pm

    AIDS in Africa, child poverty, global warming, bullying in schools, instability in the Middle East, Trident… No, these silly old farts get their parishioners to write whining letters to their MPs about gay people getting equal rights. They certainly have a warped view of the world.

  3. churchwatcher 12 Mar 2007, 5:37pm

    It is widely rumoured that Vincent Nichols himself is gay – but then the worst homophobes are self-hating, as has, perhaps, been demonstrated by a study at the University of Georgia which showed that ‘straight’ homophobes where more aroused by gay porn than non-homophobic straight men.

  4. And it came to pass that the Roman Catholic church were not happy with their lot and sent their messengers to the Lord asking for Him to deprive minorities people of their equal rights, so they could continue to demonise and discriminate against these peoples. But, the Lord said No!, we should Love each other and live with tolerance, and accept each other for what we are.

  5. They know, just like the countryside alliance knew on the ban on fox hunting, that the outcome of a “free vote” in Parliament represents the supreme freewill of Parliament and, unlike Clause 28, no subsequent Parliament rarely, if ever, will go back and try to reverse the supreme freewill of a previous Parliament. I also believe people like Vicent-Derek-Faye-Nicholls have spent all their life in denial and now see it has been all a waste of time.Best regards.

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