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BBC in new homophobic comments row

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Reader comments

  1. Little Gayer 12 Mar 2007, 8:24pm

    This is starting to get silly, we’re not doing ourselves any favours by shouting “homophobe” at everyone who makes a light hearted quip without thinking. You know what will happen, too many silly queens will cry wolf and then, when we really run into trouble with a genuine homophobe, nobody will want to know. It happened with other minority groups and we’ll be next. If I was Patrick, I’d tell us to F+++ off and get a life – but he’s too nice for that.

  2. Well, it was bound to happen after the BBC did sweet FA about Moyles. At least he’s usually funny and sort of talented in a porky way, whereas Kielty is a go-nowhere never was whose career is being given an undue boost by all this publicity. So in a way I agree with Little Gayer, we should just ignore him.

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