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Gay fairy tales for primary school children

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Reader comments

  1. For gods sake! PC gone mad… where will it stop….. I know I will be accussed of being Homophobic, I really am not, but these type of stories make me cross, I think its demeaning to the gay population to be highlighted as a minority, they are not! we are all different for gods sake!Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. “A new scheme promoting alternative lifestyles”- Sorry, was this article written by a gay journalist or a Christian fundamentalist. I thought we were trying to move on from the misnomer that homosexuality was a “lifestyle” choice and here we have a gay publication reinforcing that view. A VERY POOR choice of words.

  3. The use of the phrase “alternative lifestyles” has been removed.

  4. Until a two mums can have sex and have a baby, these gestures will remain meaningless -fairy tales indeed!

  5. Gays hold lively demonstration in Turkey to protest 22 Mar 2010, 6:06pm

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