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Blood donation and insurance companies get regulations opt-out

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Reader comments

  1. so the insurance companys can carry on singling us out. What a discrace. So you can be married , fuck around behind your wifes back, but in the eyes of the insurance company you are a low risk. What a load of bollocks. As per usual in this counrty if you seem to comply, your in the in crowd.

  2. peterrivendell 8 Mar 2007, 9:33pm

    Not sure I either buy or believe that one. Which begs the question – did the government collude with the Christian lobby over the ridiculous adoption and Christian-run guesthouse argument so no one would notice that the enormous discrimination the gay community continues to face from the insurance industry would go unnoticed?

  3. Fairly elementary – where’s the hotlink to the regulations. C’mon Pink News. Get your act together.

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