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Gay politician snubs NYC for Dublin on St Pat’s Day

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Reader comments

  1. Irish Queer 16 Mar 2007, 3:01pm

    Some of the facts here are dead wrong. First off, the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization first applied to march in the parade in 1991 – not the 1980s. AND, many more than “a dozen” Irish and Irish American queer folks turn out to protest this bigoted parade each year. Why is a gay publication trying to make LGBT opposition to this parade look smaller than it really is?

  2. I think an important point that is being omitted from the discussion of Christine Quinn marching in the St Patrick´s Day Parade in Dublin is how much progress has been made in Ireland on LGBT equality. There is no problem with LGBT people being involved in the St Patricks Day Carnival in Dublin, or Cork or other Irish cities. Ireland has become a forward thinking liberal country. The idea that the Ancient Order of the Hibernian control a public festival in the US and police it with bigotry sounds like a bizarre throw back to a past that we have all worked to over come. St Patricks Day, like Gay Pride, is a celebration of change and the positive reality that Ireland is now a diverse society.

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