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Boy George attacks Madonna’s “homophobic” religion

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Reader comments

  1. Am I the only one to be tired of the mad rants this bitter and washed up queen has to say about Maddona? Quite hating George and do something positive for the world…

  2. This guy is completely out of…Madonna’s life is an evidence that she is 100% pro gay.

  3. He obviously hasn’t investigated it very well. From “The Kabbalah Book of Sex” written by Yehuda Berg published by Kabbalah Publishing (the publishing arm of the Kabbalah Centre): “”Kabbalah does not offer an opinion on this issue…When any two people commit to taking that journey together, to being sharing and conscious of the effect their actions have on the world, they reveal great Light in the world…Ultimately, the soul of a person chooses the body it will inhabit before entering the world…So whatever combination of soul and body we may have, we are all exactly who we need to be in order to accomplish this mission.” (Note there’s masculine and feminine souls, and the body’s gender doesn’t have to reflect that because for the soul, masculine/feminine/male/female are metaphors)

  4. I have been going to the NY Kabbalah Center for 5 yrs! There are MANY gay men there, as well as lesbians, and even some transsexuals. EVERYONE is welcome to improve their life through the knowledge of kabbalah. The center does not make judgements, and teaches us not make judgements either.You make a judgement, it eventually comes back to you, so there is a price to pay. I feel sorry for Boy George, he is lacking info that can improve his life.

  5. Whatever. The point is Madonna is the most poisonous, self-seeking, derivative, hypocritical woman on the planet.

  6. badleroybrown 10 May 2010, 2:39am

    I think that Boy George was actually right, and Madonna’s posse tried to cover it up. Below is a description posted on a kabbalah website which sums up the view on homosexuality, which I have heard before in different words. Basically, that gayness is wrong and needs to be corrected, but you have many lifetimes to do that. What a copout.

    “”THE REAL TRUTH….the answer is yes and no at the same time. In the big picture, yes kabbalah says that all homosexual men are meant to transform their nature to be with a woman and restrict their gay desires. HOWEVER, Kabbalah is based on something called “tikkune”…in english “correction” which means that soul keeps going through a reincarnation process until it corrects EVERYTHING. The earth in itself has a correction of it’s own and when every person corrects themselves the correction of the earth will be complete. We as human are still in that process and the point where we are now most people will not finish their correction in this life…only a few righteous souls in every generation have this merit.
    So…the ultimate goal is for gay men to transform into straight men, but it does not mean they are supposed to do it in this lifetime. It does not even mean they will have to be gay in their next life, but they will carry “baggage” with them into their next life because they did not overcome their homosexuality. However, that “baggage” could manifest in a totally different set of problems.””

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