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Students split over gay blood ban protest

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Reader comments

  1. Julien Woolley 7 Feb 2006, 12:47am

    Fine let the blood stocks deminish then, it is discriminatory and as a gay man in a long term relationship I am sick to the hind teeth with being branded as premiscuous. Ok so one third of new cases are via gay men, this is just providing more public humilation for HIV suffers and those with full blown AIDS. I have been an AIDS buddy in the past and watch someone die from it, yeah just humiliated them more with public shows like this.

  2. Some of the terminology in this article is confusing – you’d think there were no gay or bisexual men among students.

  3. Stuart Clarke 18 Jul 2006, 10:39am

    I was planning on giving blood this morning and for some reason was under the impression that gay men could now give blood. I was wrong! I feel absolutely humiliated and dirty. I ONLY practise safe sex, have always been tested regularly and I’m have been in a 100% monogamous relationship for the past 2.5 years. This is more that I can say for a lot of my straight friends. I have a very rare blood group RH AB- (about 1% of the population) and feel that it is my civic duty to donate blood. I can’t express how angry I feel that I can’t. Maybe I have been lucky but I have never really suffered any form of homophobia. Until today.

  4. I live in the United States, New York State to be specific, and I first heard this and thought it was just our local chapter being homophobic and was incredibly pissed off. I did some research and learned that it was nationwide and endorsed by the FDA (food drug admin.) Now I come across this site and see that it’s a WORLD WIDE issue??!?!? That is OUTRAGEOUS!! They claim it is because most cases of HIV are found in MSM, but have they actually compared the attitudes about HIV to straight people? I work for Planned Parethood as a peer educator, and I hear all the time, straight kids who think that it’s safer to have unprotected sex with someone who isn’t gay. This isn’t 1989 anymore. The fastest growing group to be infected with HIV are black and Latina women under the age of 25. Whoever is in charge of this needs to continue to do their research.

  5. J T Gillespie 5 Mar 2007, 11:43pm

    This article is rubbish. It shows now evidence of a divide, in fact the vast majority of LGBT students at NUS LGBT Conference voted for the policy.Ofcourse some people have different views about what should replace the ban but this campaign is about getting the ban lifted.Rachel Charman should sort out what is shoddy work or find a new job.

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