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Bucks Fizz Tory says sorry for gay comments

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Reader comments

  1. David Van Day was in Dollar, not Bucks Fizz.

  2. Councillor Warren Morgan 1 Mar 2007, 5:17pm

    If Mr Van Day wants to be taken seriously as a community leader, he should perhaps indulge less at champagne receptions with the mayor and think more about how to promote equalities and make the city a safer place for members of the LGBT communities. Homophobia and transphobia are not a laughing matter.

  3. Maybe Mr Van Day should stick to selling hamburgers from his burger van and leave politics to others!What a total prat!

  4. David van Day was in Dollar and Bucks Fizz. I know him personally and he most definately is NOT homophobic…in fact he is the campest straight man I know and would not intentionally offend anyone. Lee Clark

  5. David only did a brief stint in Bucks Fizz (around 96), he is better known as the other half of Dollar!Personally, I would like this reflected in the title of the article.

  6. Would not trust him as far as I could throw him. He aint an original Fizz member….. Trouble maker!!!

  7. This obnoxious little poser was NOT an original member of Bucks Fizz. He was a member of Dollar. His breif stint as a replacement member of Bucks Fizz in the 90’s, and subsequent attempts to claim rights to the name were typical of his pathetic desperation to raise his public profile.He has a lot to learn if he thinks he can make such pathetic jokes about gay men.Stand down Mr Van Day.

  8. As a Fizz fan of 26 years Im offended that DVD has dragged the good name of Bucks Fizz into this. I’d like to see that he’s not referred to as a ‘member of eurovision winning Bucks Fizz’ as he wasn’t there. He merely was offered a chance many years later and he really didn’t want to do it.Please do not let his remarks be tied to the good name of Bucks Fizz.

  9. David Van Day has such a jumped up perception of himself that makes him so annoying. He was not an original member of Bucks Fizz, but when he got his feet under that particular table, set out personally to ruin Bobby Gee when it all went wrong, by forming a rival Bucks Fizz that ended up with a battle over the group’s name at the High Court. And he admitted that he did this just to get back at his former band member. He’s a nasty piece of work who should stick to selling burgers, and he probably doesn’t even do that very well.

  10. Sad man

  11. Burger Van Day is a total washed up tosser, just ask Sonia!

  12. A bitter man who was a former member of fluffy duo Dollar, who failed miserably in an attempt to be re-born in the USA, thank god. He has no right to be associated with Bucks Fizz in any way shape or form. A Tory candidate indeed……..whatever will this man turn to next ?

  13. matt lenton 7 Mar 2007, 9:15pm


  14. These comments were not likely said with any malice but more tongue in cheek. He’s one of the most flamboyant men I have met and is typically the kind of guy who can make these kind of comments and get a good audience response from it because it smacks of “pot calling kettle” so to speak.David was in Dollar, the BEST POP GROUP OF ALL TIME, and the headline should highlight that, not his brief time in Bucks Fizz, which is best forgotten if only people would let it be forgotten.

  15. “I have to understand that as I am now in a political arena people will take things literally.” Actually, David, people will simply spot that you’re a homophobic twat. And what gay paper worth its salt would forget that David Van Dump was half of Dollar. Between burger-flipping in the 90s, he hitched a ride on the coattails of a bargain-basement cabaret version of Bucks Fizz. The man has ideas WAY above his station.

  16. Are you kidding me here?? This man makes what he calls “jokes” about sexuality and yet is well known to help us out at weekends!!Vile little toad.J

  17. I also have followed Bucks Fizz for 25 years and when he nearly ruined Bobby G’s Good name it was very upsetting for the true fans who knew the real story of what that man is like ———What a total toss pot………

  18. This is nothing more than the usual media sensationalism. The media have inserting the name of Bucks Fizz instead of Dollar to attempt to whip up negative reaction from Bucks Fizz fans over comments a few people have taken the wrong way. We’re not all sheep. I’m a Bucks Fizz fan and I’m sure the majority of people whether Bucks Fizz fans or not, are intelligent enough to see through this ploy.

  19. Katharine Apps 8 Mar 2007, 12:43pm

    Since when has David Van Day been part of our beloved Bucks Fizz – NEVER!!!!! He ws the other half of Dollar! Go back to the burger van please leave our Fizz alone!

  20. We should be blaming the Pink Paper for wrongly naming Bucks Fizz. Some of us are playing into the media’s hands and letting them use us, the Bucks Fizz fans, to create the frenzy they want over the story !

  21. Michael O Sullivan 8 Mar 2007, 5:56pm

    What a horrible man. He proves it time and time again. It makes me mad that his name is associated with Bucks Fizz…..should be Dollar.I have being a Bucks Fizz fan since 1981.He was in Bucks Fizz for about 3 minutes and that was 3 minutes too many!!

  22. I agree with all the above comments. David Van Day was the male half of Dollar and NOT an original member of Bucks Fizz. Please correct this mistake. If anyone wants to know the names of people in the original and current Bucks Fizz line-ups there are a number of websites where this information can be found.

  23. Typical behaviour from a confused/bisexual man – making homophobic comments to trick people into thinking he’s 100% straight. T**t. He’ll make a good Tory M.P. …David

  24. Mr Van Day’s conduct, as a potential MP of ANY party, should only be seen as a danger sign, a warning that he shoots from the mouth without thinking, and then becomes apologetic only when urged to do so. As a possible future representative of any person (and as a candidate, it’s to be assumed that he would like the opportunity to represent many hundreds or thousands of people), his churlish manner, grudging and half hearted apology and obvious disdain for people who put him where he is (good grief, fellow homosexuals, what WERE we thinking of, buying Dollar records by the dozen) should serve as a very cold view of the reality of him. His behaviour in interviews and appearances throughout his professional history is littered with faux pas, sneering asides and outright insults, usually accompanied by a pout so full that Therese Bazar (his cohort in Dollar – the group he is more famous for, not Bucks Fizz, with whom he appeared a handful of times and recorded a budget CD in which he was relegated to the ranks of backing vocalist) couldn’t come up with sufficient make up to coat. I most certainly would not want this odious, highly and almost farcically camp, gracless oik to represent any of my views – his constituents would be the laughing stock of the country. Burger off back to your silly little life, David, and keep your opinions to yourself.

  25. What a sad disgrace of a man he is. If he wants to enter politics to better the world, then that’s great, but you just know it’s all in the name of self-promotion.

  26. Just as others have said, you have all played into the hands of the publisher of Pink News Boyz. They haven’t removed the reference to Bucks Fizz because the Pink News Boyz publisher wants the publicity to their websites. The more you all slag off DVD, the more site hits and revenue it creates for the publisher and the more negative publicity it creates for the name of Bucks Fizz ! Sorry guys… you all fell for it !

  27. Firstly, I nearly laughed my socks off when I read this article and discovered that this man was running for the Tories, I mean, how on earth can anyone take this man seriously in any walk of life? He is a total tosspot !! I urge all readers to realise that this guy is more famous for his bad reputation thorughout the music industry music and selling burgers out of some dodgy van than anything else. Everytime I hear anything remotely connected to this man itis always seems to be bad news. After his pitiful attempts to ruin the good name of Bucks Fizz (for allbeit the 5 minutes that he was in the group before Bobby G did the decent thing by booting him out), its about time this man quit his attempts at showbiz for good – afterall this joining the Tories malarky just doesnt wash with any of us!!. Everything this man does just seems to leave a bad smell behind. If he wants a new career, how about cleaning the streets and start cleaning all the crap up that he’s caused over the last 20 odd years, there should be enough work in that to keep him going well into his retirement!! The less we all see and hear of him, the better !!!!!!!

  28. Scratch a homophobe, find a closet case. Which makes him the perfect Tory. Talentless, egotistical, vacuous and thick as pig poo – the ultimate blond joke. No ta, Mr VD, I don’t want chips with that.

  29. Now he wants to be an “independent” MP. Hmmmmm?

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