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Majority in favour of a gay President

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Reader comments

  1. This Gallup poll saying 55% Americans would vote for a gay person is the most stupid and unbelieveable resultthe poll findings have ever published.Perhaps Americans have a more open view about gays, but those people whovote (not just asked in a poll) wouldnever have a gay for our President.Gays may be gaining in some socialareas — but as our President — PLEASE! Be realistic. I would guess that those people polled for thisissue contain very few people who vote regularing in our elections.Gays may get laws passed in some areas which I don’t disagree with, but as President — an absurdity!Even Romney is getting serious criticism for his Mormonism belief.Americans — for right or wrong have strong beliefs that come from ourfundamental Christian heritage andmost of those principles still governour actions.Gallup better disclose his techniquefor gathering these results or he’ll lose his credibility in future poll results.

  2. I see there was a comment that saidI was a cretin or something like that.Probably it was in referrence to mysaying a gay could not and would not be elected a US President.Let me make my point why so.Homosexuals make up @ 2% of the population — he would not represent the majority of Americans in his views. A homosexual mindset is no different than a heterosexual mindset. Homosexuals are no more just and fair in their outlook than are heterosexuals — each has his own agenda — which I can understand.So a homosexual President would work toward promoting homosexual outcomesin various projects, etc. Just a heterosexual President would do — that’s human nature (whether homo or hetero)So why would heterosexuals want a homosexual President — do youhonestly think he would be more honourable, moral,virtuous, trustworthy, etc.? than a heterosexual President? PLEASE….mankind is mankind — hetero or homo–we all have serious problems and I’ll prefer my 98% rather than your 2% inrunning the USA.

  3. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Nov 2007, 11:49pm

    “I see there was a comment that said I was a cretin or something like that. Probably it was in reference to ….” the fact that you ARE a cretin Hank.Whilst I have to respect the fact that you believe in the word of the Bible. You have no right, God-given or otherwise, to try to force your beliefs on us.I think it is unlikely that you are going to convert any of us to religion that haven’t already elected to believe and I’m sure I speak for everyone on here when I say we have no desire for you to join our ranks.On that basis, it might be better if you find yourself another hobby.

  4. William - Dublin 30 Nov 2007, 8:34am

    Well said, Sister Mary.I find if arrogant that these uneducated hill billies assume to know the intentions of god, and somewhat delusional.I love that idiots reference “I’ll prefer my 98% rather than your 2% inrunning the USA” [more make-e-up kind of figures being used again]So that’s why they have bumbling fool as a president who has the IQ of a banana, and is responsible for waging wars based on lies. “Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”Buffoon. Its the best way to describe people like this Hank idiot.

  5. Honestley, what does it matter? you shouldnt be electing a candidate because they are gay, or because they are straight, to me, it doesnt matter. As long as they do their job well, what does it matter, being gay does not affect the way they would do their job, nor would it be any different, in fact I think I could almost say it would be a step foreward, as a gay candidate would be more likely to have more open opinions than a very narrow minded, deeply religious republican leader. however, a straight candidate who is open minded to other people and other ways of life, could possibly have a positive affect.

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