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Anglican church could “divorce” admits Williams

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Reader comments

  1. So then, the Anglican Church is to be nothing more than a splitered orgainsation with numerous factions led by religious zealots ranging from Homophobes at one end to the tree huggers at the other!Get off the fence Williams and make a decision for once in your life!

  2. Sister Mary Clarence 24 Feb 2008, 12:22pm

    Clearly not that ‘secret’ anymore – oops!

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 24 Feb 2008, 2:10pm

    Roberto, Williams is a spineless piece of work. Time for him and his rabble of a church to go. Disestablish the church once and for all, let it fend for itself instead of taking our tax money to support a lifestyle of privilege. They all need to go and find real jobs and contribute to society. He and the rest are nothing more than parasites.

  4. it’s amazing how hard he’ll work to accommodate the right-wing bigots. And how little he gives to us

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