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No miracle cure for AIDS, say doctors

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  1. Edwin J Bernard 20 Feb 2007, 10:02pm

    Interesting article flawed primarily by the writer’s misunderstanding of anti-HIV drug resistance. “This treatment is now being used in parts of Africa, which has caused concern, as sufferers in Africa may build resistance to the drug quicker because they have not started with the single or two drug course.”HIV does not become resistant to triple drug therapy because people taking it “have not started with single or two drug course.” It becomes resistant due to consistently low drug levels, caused either by not taking the pills regularly, on time, as prescribed, or due to interactions with other drugs which can lower drug levels. Both of these issues are particularly problematic in sub-Saharan Africa where even the tiny proportion of people who are fortunate enough to access drugs often cannot afford to pay for them, and so are unable to take them regularly as prescribed; and due to interactions with other drugs used to treat co-infections, such as TB.I’d also like to point out that people living with HIV and AIDS are just that – not “sufferers”.For more details on all aspects of HIV treatment in the UK and worldwide, please visit NAM’s website: