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Anglicans threat over gay issues

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Reader comments

  1. And it came to pass that the Anglican church chose to continue discrimination against its worshippers that were born gay, if they (the church) had its way no goods or services would be offered to gay people. What would Jesus Christ have thought about that?

  2. Frankly I think that Williams should tell that evil Prelate in Nigeria, Akinola, to get lost. I cannot see any justification at all in banning Bishop Robinson instead Williams should be standing firm against the dictates of this group of Homophobes from Africa.

  3. Time for more outings in the Anglican church. Peter Tatchell where are you?Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  4. When I listen to the prelates in Nigeria, and some of their insane laws, e.g. two gay people meeting for lunch is illegal and can get them 5 years in some hellhole prison, sometimes I think there is no hope for these right wing bigoted people who apparently never learned anything from Jesus’ life on earth.And three cheers for Bishop Gene Robinson, and the 90-95% of the American Episcopal churches who will choose to move forward to social justice for Gay people. Isn’t Social Justice for all our highest calling?The big question is what will happen with the English Anglican church – where will the split be?

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