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Jamaican mob terrorise gays

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Reader comments

  1. George Broadhead 16 Feb 2007, 6:36pm

    Surely this appalling, ingrained homophobia can’t be blamed entirely on “a popular culture that idolises reggae” and singers who call for gays to be murdered.According to statistics I have to hand, the population is ultra religous with fundamentalist sects like the Church of God dominant. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is a major source of the homophobia.

  2. It’s really sad that the black population of the West Indies should behave in this way towards a minority group.It wasn’t so long ago that a black man might have sought refuge in a shop in somewhere like Alabama and have to be rescued whilst a white mob threw stones at him, ending in a lynching, for straying into a white neighbourhood or courting a white girl.The black community of all people should have no truck with such hostility towards minorities. Goes to show though that bigots, racists and mob mentality exist in all communities.Sad.

  3. darkmoonman 19 Feb 2007, 4:38pm

    Once again we see that people having faced discrimination believe they have a right to discriminate against others.Mates, stop travelling to Jamaica and stop buying Jamaican. If you’re a Gay Jamaican, emmigrate. Let the nation sink into poverty – it has nothing we need.

  4. Iam a fellow Jamaican and Iam totally ashamed of the treament of gays in Jamaica it is just pure ignorance.

  5. Iam a fellow Jamaican and Iam totallt ashamed of the treament of gay men in Jamaica it is just ignoriance.

  6. OMAR KUDDUS 1 Feb 2008, 8:17pm

    It is amazing how soon one forgets that they were the minority group, discriminated against and made to sit at the back of the bus. When Martin Luther King, Jr., on August 28, 1963 said : ”But we refuse to believe that the back of justice is bankrupt…that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation…And so let freedom ring…from every hill and molehill of Mississippi.From every mountainside, let freedom ring”. I don’t think he meant to exclude any one, due to their sexuality.· Jamaica has to be made to realise that its behaviour and governmental actions is unacceptable, and if Gay human rights are not respected that it shall face consequences.· Britain should stop giving (our) financial aid or reducing its debts to the tune of £7.5 M a year, if it does not comply.· Gay communities across the world should start a boycott of Jamaican products and using it as a holiday destination, for if nothing else we can show our disapproval by using our disposable income as a tool of protest.· We should also urge retailers and institutions to boycott Jamaica too.For in the plight of the oppression that takes place in the Arab /Middle East States, Jamaica and the Caribbean nations that persecute fellow homosexuals are ignored and their plights hardly highlighted or brought to the medias attention.

  7. We jamaicans are proud of our Strong Stance” against homosexuality, it nasty immoral and against all original christian beliefs. The rest of the world might have gradually being logging on this new way of thinking, which accepts this nasty way of life but we wont…you all can keep your money….you all are so demented, you actually thinks that that your county sets the standards for the rest of the world. Why don’t you all try to force your dirty ways on the Singaporians or Iranians?Just leave us alone and stay out of Jamaica. Please.

  8. I think all who have posted here in support of sanctions against my beautiful country are all nasty homos…Stop writing against us and our stance and start visiting countries that supports your dirty lifestyle.If you come here you’ll be beaten

  9. Wendy I am disappointed in you, claiming to be a Jamaican adds no strength to the point you were trying to make. I am sure when u 1st left Jamaica the 1st thing you attempted was to loose your accent. It shows, you are easily lead, no backbone, certainly not a leader. You need to drop the nastiness comeback to Jamaica and be a real Jamaican. Enjoy a good Jamaica Dick

  10. OMAR KUDDUS 2 Feb 2008, 12:11pm

    Lousi, What you show is pure homophobia and intolerance, primarily based on religious beliefs, and ignorance.Religious beliefs may be paramount, but it does not mean that it can sustain and maintain Jamaica, and like it or not there is a large percentage of gay Jamaican, who lives in the Island and deserves to be respected.Sexuality has nothing to do with the person, as much as the colour of your sin does not make you who you are. Or do you think that the world should discriminate and treat you differently just because you are coloured. I doubt it.As for the money issue, Jamaica NEEDS the annual 7.5M £ relief (from Britain) or the country would be bankrupt, so please do not even think that way. Britain is NOT the ONLY country that gives relief and if you want the whole of the worlds to avoid Jamaica, could you please explain how the economy would sustain itself and its government.

  11. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Feb 2008, 1:49pm

    Louis, why are you trolling (assuming you know the meaning of the word) on a “batty” boy and girl website? Come out of that dark hole of a closet you’re in. Why are you obsessing about gay men and women? Jealous or upset? You live in a backwards thinking society. Check out and take a look at the hypocrisy that you and others espouse. Get your own house in order before villifying us and practice what the “good” book preaches, you moron!

  12. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Feb 2008, 1:51pm

    Omar, good point. Better yet, we should get rid of the commonwealth and let them fend for themselves. Who needs that crap? Bunch of ungrateful bastards.

  13. World of Twist 2 Feb 2008, 2:02pm

    Well said Omar and Robert XP,I think Louis’ numerous postings and witty bon mots prompt the phrase-‘me thinks my lady do’eth protest a little too much”His denial of home grown homos and projection of nastiness onto outside influences suggest that Louis feels a threat to his masculinity here.I mean three posts on a gay site and one of them recommends “dick”…Hello. done take Agatha bloody Christie to work this one out.Or is it merely an affront to national pride, either way trying to define oneself by vociferously claiming what you are not always rings pretty hollow.

  14. Britain should stop giving (our) financial aid or reducing its debts to the tune of £7.5 M a year, if it does not comply. Gay communities across the world should start a boycott of Jamaican products and using it as a holiday destination, for if nothing else we can show our disapproval by using our disposable income as a tool of protest.We should also urge retailers and institutions to boycott Jamaica too. i am a gay and my profile is on where i look for gay partner

  15. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Feb 2008, 3:56pm

    World of Twist, you are welcome!Antigay posters here are usually deeply conflicted, closeted gay men who can’t accept who they are. In the United States, they are called Log Cabin republicans, neoconservative, arse-kissing sycophants who actually believe they can change their party from within. All they are interested in is self-preservation, their wealth, their fancy cars, second homes in the country, fine restaurants, designer clothes and their stock options. They support a party that legislates against them repeatedly, such as a ban on marriage equality in 27 states; they don’t want us to enjoy any rights unless we become ex-gays and live a lie as straight, and they keep going back for more every general election. Now tell me if that’s not sick, selfish and tantamount to self-loathing. They are in fact are the worst enemies of all, our own kind.

  16. Omar Kuddus 2 Feb 2008, 5:32pm

    Grow up and stop advertising,, Poop, aerbit, glan, fort, jubsin or whatever you want to next call yourself.Pasting others and blatantly advertising does not work here, for the majority of people are not morons.

  17. OMAR KUDDUS 2 Feb 2008, 5:41pm

    Robert and World of Twist, its amazing how an homophobic moron seems to be enthralled with a gay site.Closeted, definitely. If curious, tough, and whats the fixation with “Enjoy a good Jamaica Dick”. One wonders if it’s out of personal experience.Or are you just afraid that we “homos” are really more of a man than you will ever be, and blinded by the hate of your religion.

  18. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Feb 2008, 6:47pm

    Omar, Louis’ fascination with gay websites is revealing but obvious. As I say to most homophobes, closeted or otherwise…..”takes a real man to do another”. The “sissy” straights can’t because they’re limited, hungup unsophisticated, closed-minded and basically boring, often idiots and usually badly educated. Lot of clearance sales going on in their cranial department most of the time.

  19. Robert, ex-pat Brit 3 Feb 2008, 3:14pm

    Unrelated to anything, this is an encouraging story. Good luck and welcome to this brave young man.

  20. OMAR KUDDUS 3 Feb 2008, 7:16pm

    Thanks Robert, I seem to have missed that.Unfortunately our website is down as we have been inundated with viruses and irrelevant spam emails that look genuine and have corrupted the system.Hopefully it should be sorted out by next week.Anything else you find would be appreciated at or via the group page at Yahoo groups; Gayasylum UKRegards

  21. World of Twist 3 Feb 2008, 8:32pm

    I’m so disapointed that Louis isn’t playing with us today.Do you think he is ever coming back?I think we might have frightened him away,Shame.

  22. Robert, ex-pat Brit 4 Feb 2008, 1:19pm

    Omar, I will be more than happy to post anything I find that would be of interest to you and others.

  23. we dont play garbage gay in my Ja, all you all have to do is take it some where else.we all wrer grown up on the values of a male adam and eve relationship and not adam and steve. sorry.

  24. Robert, ex-pat Brit 9 Feb 2008, 1:20pm

    Trevor, whoever you are, if you believe in that fairy tale about Adam and Eve, then you also have to condone incest. Their children must have had sexual relations in order to people the earth, if you really believe that Adam and Eve were the first humans or parents. Go figure! Yours is a backward, primitive country. It was a good thing we gave you your independence. Next thing is to kick Jamaica out of the commonwealth and withhold any future financial aid to the tune of 7.5 million pounds, some of which are Gay taxe pounds. How’s that for starters?

  25. William - Dublin 9 Feb 2008, 2:33pm

    Well, Trevor, lets correct that appallingly written little piece of rubbish, shall we? May you don’t have “garbage gay” in your “Ja”, but it seems you don’t have a school either. So, listen up, my slow friend. Here goes:-“we dont play garbage gay in my Ja, all you all have to do is take it some where else.”we all wrer grown up on the values of a male adam and eve relationship and not adam and steve.(1) The “we” on both lines, begins with a capital “W”. (2) Adam and Eve are proper nouns, and hence also have a capitalisation, as does the name “Steve”. (Incidentally, your name, “Trevor” is also a proper noun and should also begin with a capital letter. This is a useful point to remember when you are signing on at your local dole office.)(3) The word “wrer” doesn’t exist, Trevor. May I suggest the word “were” is a better choice given the context of your sentence. (4) The use of the phrase “all grown up” very poor grammar, and a better choice would be “we were all brought up”. (5) The expression “a male Adam and Eve” suggest that Adam and Eve are both male, which is incorrect also.Now, I wont even begin to address the actual nonsense of your statement, regardless of what “Ja” you were “grown up” in, as you clearly need to start the education process at an much earlier point, and hence we’ll over look your stupid comments on “Adam and Steve”Although, I have considered that you might be retarded.

  26. chinna chin 20 Feb 2008, 1:53pm

    i can’t find any news stories about this so-called gay-beating invasion in any of the jamaican papers, and they are usually the first to report these things when they happen. Check your sources. These jflag people are known to bend the truth.

  27. I think you mean in the “so-called” Jamaican papers. They tend to ignore the hatred gay people live under int that “so-called” society. I have met and talked with Gareth about the hatred LGBT people face in Jamaica.

  28. I am probably going to be lyunched for this but hey here I go.
    I am a Lesbian BUT I can see where you dudes are comig from, I have nothing against your views, hey, we all have our opinions.

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