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Gay basketball star exposes the game’s homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. I have to say I’d share a shower with this gorgeous hunk even if I were straight! What a dish!

  2. i love gay sex i want you to link me up with basketballers who are gay sexers.iam a nigeria i want to know more of this site

  3. i think he did the right think
    and i love the messege you are sending not just for athletes but the whole entire world
    i wish I can talk to him
    becouse i’ve also been through so much
    that i dont even know if being gay is right
    I mean ofcourse its right becouse it is who we are and we cant change that.
    so i admire you a lot
    i saw you in ophra like a month ago or two.
    well hope this messege gets to him and he’ll reply to it.

    i admire your courage for coming out of the closet
    a thing that its almost imposible for some of us.

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