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Channel 4 uses gays to court yet more controversy

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Reader comments

  1. Why don’t they just have a “Focus on Freaks” night and be done with it. No doubt the couples they find for Wife Swap will be the campest, most outrageous couple on the planet. This rubbish in August will give the impression that the majority of gay people have nothing better to do that lurk around parks, in the dark, with their knickers around their ankles. Nice one Channel 4.

  2. At least Channel 4 have got the guts to show the younger LGBT generation, that Queer history matters. Having lived through the fifties and sixties fearful of being found out and blackmailed for being Gay and maybe put in prison I am pleased that our historical times are being told. The film ‘Victim’ with a young Dirk Bogarde was groundbreaking for its time and vividly showed the problems we faced in those times. and went a long way in changing the law on homosexuality together with the Wolfenden report.

  3. as some one who spends his time handing out trye vision packs on the cruising areas. This will only hilight them in the wrong way. It will end up being a gay basher instruction video.

  4. Oh dear, perhaps it is another attempt to ‘outrage’ the generic pubic, or maybe, until we know for sure, it will also say that heterosexuals do these things in ‘lovers lanes’ – nd for them it is legal and they are unlikely to be beaten up. Something has to be done to raise awareness of homophobic violence. Me and my partner have had 30 years of persistent incidents of abuse from neighbours, from people in cafes, on transport and comming out of pubs (including from the police on two occasions (many years ago). However gay people are portrayed in this programme ‘frivolous like Graham Norton or serious like, erm, well not sure who as we still don’t have positive media role models cos heterosexuals will find this too callenging: what we will see, I hope, is that the apalling level of violence exacted on that poor dear young man on Clapham Common says little about some gay peoples’ behavior and everything about endemic fear and unmitigated violence in the human psyche. We have to start understanding the psychology of hate and violence in all human activity where there is difference backed-up by a lack of connection, education and understanding. Respect for difference comes from personal contact and interaction.

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