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James Bond actor attacks gay journalist

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Reader comments

  1. Must be a bit like people shouting “I don’t believe it” all the time at Richard Wilson, or people only associating Kenneth Williams with Carry On.Sounds like they both need a lesson in manners.

  2. I am afraid Craig needs to wake up and realise James Bond has always been seen as a sex symbol and should learn to shrug off such comments from journalists.He’s pretty well paid after all, in the public spotlight playing a major sex symbol what does he expect people to say? Grow up Craig and get off your high horse, your not that good and too many outbursts and your public will send you straight back from whence you came: nowhere!

  3. Daniel Craig had no way to know the journalist, Johann Hari, was gay because their encounter was extremely brief. Mr. Hari writes about it on his own website and he made silly remarks not only to Craig, but also to Helen Mirren and Forest Whitaker among others. His whole intent that evening seemed to be to ridicule or annoy any stars he came into contact with. Anyone interested can read Mr. Hari’s version on his website:

  4. Carl, London 14 Feb 2007, 12:01am

    Oh God not everything is about being gay. If someone sarcastically made a comeent about winning if youd worn your underwear, anyone would snap.

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