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COMMENT: End of the road for united Anglican communion

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  1. Tony, you’ve been much kinder to the Archbishop than he really deserves. Rowan betrayed close fiends in an effort to keep the church from splitting apart.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with Dave above. I can’t believe for one moment that Williams cannot see how deeply mendacious his argument that the government is wrong to legislate over matters of conscience is. I am sure he doesn’t believe it. Pure political point scoring. One hypocritical pronouncement after another. He talks about the persecution of Christians in Muslim countries yet does not sanction Ankinola who supports the persecution of homosexuals. Williams arguments seem to go along the lines of to avoid the persecution of Christians by Muslims in mainly Muslim countries, the CofE must be seen as not too tolerant on homosexuality. The high moral ground is a slippery place.

  3. I think the term ‘primates’ says it all. What kind of humanitarian outcomes would you expect from a committee of monkeys!

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