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BA asked to donate to anti-gay Christian group

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Reader comments

  1. Amazing how twisted the Christian Lawyers fellowships argument is! They say they are not homophobic because their prejudice against homosexuals and desire to discriminate is a “rational” one. Ir/”rationaly” based on commands ultimately from an imaginary God. Ir/”rationally” given so much weight and energy and elevated to a position where they treat us badly in the face of commands to love their neighbours, because in the end in their irrational minds it is good for us. Their arguments are not rational they are based on belief, ignorance and prejudice, their religious texts are quoted without context and they arrogantly think that those who do not believe should be forced to live by them. I disagree with Peter Tatchell, I do not believe it is appropriate when wearing a uniform representing a company, martial or state institution to have religious or political pins jewelery, symbols etc. I would question the partiality of a representative who insists on displaying their political/ religious beliefs in a postion in which they should be treating all neutrally and where their customers or those they are serving will hold different beliefs or convictions and where their company or employer holds policy which goes against those beliefs or political opinions.It would be outreagous and perverse if British Airways gave money to the homophobic Christian Lawyers fellowship in the name of human rights. I hope they don’t

  2. If compensation is paid by BA to these christian lawyers who seem to hide behind a title, my spouse and I will never fly BA again.

  3. George Broadhead 14 Feb 2007, 9:28am

    I couldn’t agree less with Peter Tatchell in his comments on this story. Nadia Eweida is a manipulative Christian activist and she played BA like a fiddle. Now she wants to hand over BA’s cash to these raving fundamentalists who are working so hard to retard gay rights. What is Peter thinking about sympathising with this woman and claiming that she should be compensated for forcing BA to change its uniform rules to suit her convenience? And what does it matter whether BA pays the money directly to LCF or to herself? – either way, they get it.

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