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Kids Pride supporter gets email death threats

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  1. This is a disgrace to one of the world’s greatest cities. A sign of serious moral decay encouraged by a weak city government and a weak parliament who has still to learn that excessive liberalism has a great cost. Shame on You! You do not represent honest Dutch People who have for generations ennobled the world.

  2. Rob McGee, Washington DC, USA 9 Jun 2008, 12:28am

    Any trash who would send death threats by email is a coward who can go suck out a goat’s bunghole as far as I’m concerned. But speaking as a 36-year-old American man who has been actively homosexual since age 19 and openly homosexual since about 21, I have no trouble at all understanding why many liberal-minded adults would object to seeing kids under 16 at a “Gay Pride” event in Amsterdam.

    Because the simple reality is that there are some genuinely bad and unhealthy cultural elements within the “LGBTQXYZ Community” that young teenagers of any sexual orientation or gender identity should not be exposed to. (This is true in just about any community, of course, but some queers seem particularly allergic to saying “shame on you, there are children around — have a little modesty!”)

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