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Ken Livingstone backs Latvia Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Are the Latvian’s so insecure in both their personal and national identity as to actively persecute a group of people for being who they are? As an American, I’ve always admired the unsinkable culture of Latvia despite oppressions by the Germans and Russians. If any culture can understand oppression and civil rights, it should be this one.I fear very much for the Latvians as it seems they’ve not learned tolerance in spit of history’s most extreme lessons.Hopefully you will reason this out and let the pride parade go on without incident. To do anything else will only bring criticism to Riga and jeopardize further involvement with the EU.Good luck. Do not let this provoke a national shame. The Gay Pride media is poised to be very critical of your city’s handeling of this parade. Do not feed into their wilingness to sensationalize.