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Man denied asylum for not having teenage sex

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Reader comments

  1. Ryan HAynes 15 Feb 2007, 2:07pm

    This is a difficult case to understand. When discussing a 21 year old and to deny him the right to stay in Canada to keep him from the harm that he may endure in his own country that he has to prove his sexuality. Well, let’s look at two things, 1) he was 12 when he left home because he was gay2) at 21 he still has not been sexually active?There is something not right here. I can understand a 24 year old not being sexually active and discovering he is gay, but not a 21 year old who has protested his homosexuality for nearly 10 years and has yet to have an experience.I support the decision, because we have witnessed people using sexuality as a way to secure asylum rights…Being proud of your sexuality is not just shouting about it, it’s actively engaging in it!

  2. waleed_has2000 5 Mar 2009, 2:22pm


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