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Catholic schools comment on gay bullying

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  1. Tony, you wrote an excellent article then shot yourself in the head out of sheer stupidity. Do you want to be taken seriously or not?Your statement: “We got what we asked for, we got equality in marriage …” Bullshit. I’m so tired of reading crap like this from mealy-mouthed apologists. Are you sure you’re the man to call for an effort to stem gay bullying in the schools?You didn’t get marriage equality my friend you got marriage inequality. Gays can’t get married under UK law, marriage is for heterosexuals only.What the UK introduced several months ago with its civil partnerships is an analogous set of laws that govern homosexual relationships. Rather than let you get married like everybody else your government created a form of apartheid: one set of laws for heterosexuals another for homosexuals. This is that vulgar ‘separate but equal’ principle Americans discarded half a century ago.I don’t give a shit how crappy life in the UK was for homosexuals before and how civil partnerships must seem like the Second Coming to you rights starved folks, but you do not have marriage equality yet. Perhaps the next generation can pick up the ball where you dropped it and finish the job. Meanwhile stop bragging about gays having ‘marriage equality’ in the UK.

  2. ‘separate but equal’ principle Americans discarded half a century ago.Huh?

  3. andrew (another one) 1 Sep 2006, 2:38am

    thats so true. i’m so glad i’m not the only one who feel partronised by civil partnerships- are there many of us?

  4. True civil partnerships are not marriage – it is still discrimination.But I don’t think we should ignore the substantive issue of Tony Grew’s article – helping to stop homophobic bullying in school.

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