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Gay policeman speaks out for LGBT History Month

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Reader comments

  1. Stephen Bourne 6 Feb 2007, 10:14pm

    Inspector Phil Moore means well, but is he aware that some members of the LGBT community may not trust him if he states publicly that a “gay liaison officer” is a “stereotype”? An LGBT liaison officer should be inclusive, and be willing to reach out to all sections of our community. This is a tall order, and extremely challenging, but NOT impossible. There is such a large, diverse network of LGBT police officers, police staff, and volunteers, that officers like Inspector Moore are now spoiled for choice for advisers who are more experienced in this area. I wish Inspector Moore luck, but urge him to review some of his comments, and not be afraid to seek advice about being a LGBT liaison officer from those who are more experienced and confident in this role. Stephen BourneMetropolitan Police Volunteer Adviser in the London Borough of Southwark

  2. Oh yes I was a police officer in UK for a number of years. Too frightened to come out to family or to collegues, thank goodness times have changed! I have also been in the police force in Australia, again keeping myself to myself, then I joined the ambulance service and found a real calling, Im retired now but I do miss being able to help. Funny although Ive been in a relationship for nearly 30 years I never “came out” in all my working profeesions. Oh there are three gay officers at my old ambulance station now!! Glad Phil feels more content, good luck to him.

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