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Labour MP “uncomfortable” with gay adoption

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Reader comments

  1. Anyone who believes that New Labour is this Gay Friendly party needs to think again. There are many, including Cunningham and Ruth Kelly and Gordon Brown, who are homophobic. Homophobia is not just contained with the Tory Party New Labour has its fair share I assure you.Personally I trust non of them.

  2. The MP told The Workington Times Star: “I was just uncomfortable with the idea and also think some of these children in care are vulnerable young people. Taking them out of care into the care of gay parents, can you imagine the name-calling they’d get at school?”Mr Cunningham’s concern is only matched by Mr Cunningham’s inaction with dealing with homophobia nor expressions of prejudice hatred. Nice one, Mr Cunningham.I am *uncomfortable* with Mr Cunningham’s religion, and I therefore expect a law any day soon banning it.It works both ways, doesn’t it?

  3. john, Wood Green 3 Feb 2007, 8:06pm

    What a ridiculous comment from Robert. Labour ARE the pro gay party. They equalised the age of consent, had the first openly gay MP, the first opnely gay cabinet minister, brought in civil partnerrships and so on. Its them that have brought this damn law in in the first place!!!Its a wonder why politicians ever try to do anything good because the public are so fickel, and forget in an instant any good that is done. Comments like that make my blood boil. I dare say there are many more homophobes in teh Conservative party, as ever.

  4. Sorry John but do you really believe that bullshit about Labour being pro Gay?Yes it’s true that this government has introduced many pieces of pro Gay legislation but frankly much of it was forced on them by the EU and European Courts. If they hadn’t borught us into line with most Western European countries on things like pension rights then the courts would have forced them to.I simply don’t accept this cudly Labour party line that they are Gray friendly. Why is it that the Goods and Services Law has been introduced in Northern Ireland yet in England and Wales it’s been held up? In Scotland the Scottish Labour Party is preventing it and voted against it! No New Labour is as homophobic as the Tory Party. Even the Lib Dems are shying away on Gay rights.

  5. 3 LIB DEMS have signed the EDM. That’s a higher percentage than the Labour Party

  6. The only party I see that has openly come out as pro Gay rights, believe it or not, is Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland! I was amazed but if I live in Northern Ireland (and I am not a Catholic or Irish) I know who’d get my vote and it’s not that evil man Paisley!

  7. john, Wood Green 5 Feb 2007, 12:16am

    The government have been the most pro gay in history. Blair attended the Equality Show before coming to power and of course theyve used the Eu rulings to force legislation like the Armes Forces ban being scrapped. We need to get over this victim mentality and be appreciative for the government who have brought these changes in. They werent forced to bring this recent legislation in – weve had a debate whcih is fair enough re the catholic thing – people with different views are entitled to air them – and now the govt has said it wil stick to the original changes.How can anyone say that Labour is as homophobic as the Tories is beyond me. look at the MPS voting patterns, throughout the years, the vast majority fo labour Mps vote for Equality, the vast majority of Tories dont! You cant argue with those facts.

  8. So let’s see john whether this Labour Government actually follows through its pledge and enables the Goods and Services Law, personally I have my doubts.

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