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Putin: gays responsible for low birth rate

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Reader comments

  1. Anonymous 1 Feb 2007, 1:01pm

    I blame it on the cold weather.

  2. I come to the conclusion that we as homosexuals provide a real service to the world in general, and perhaps we should now be getting the thanks for that service we provide. As a gay man and many other like me I have been blamed for hurricaines, other peoples misdeameaners, and now for the fact that some Russians are not shagging. If we were totatly accepted, who would all the bigots blame?

  3. Howard L Binstock 4 Feb 2007, 11:33am

    Nothing much seems to change in what was once The Soviet Union. The same pervasive ignorance that compelled my forebearers to flee at the turn of the 20th Century is still firmly entrenched. With regard to Russia, how can a leader who shamelessly and publically orders the execution of renowned journalists and academics be even thought to be included amongst civilized members of society. He, like most other leaders in the Easten Block Countries are a scar on humanity. Anticipating that GLBT people will ever reach a level of social acceptability without blood-letting is naive at best

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