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Ruth Kelly to seek re-election in marginal seat

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Reader comments

  1. Well, let’s look forward to her being well and truly beaten at the next general election! I Detest the hypocrite and her Party!

  2. If she does get beaten, let’s hope it not by a foul Tory or we’ll be simply be replacing one homophobe with another, even if they are attempting to disguise it (badly) at the moment.

  3. Anonymous 1 Feb 2007, 9:12am

    you could be right re tory winning , but judging by the voting record of gay issues by Brown,shows he does not wholey embrace us? I cant make my mind up over the torys, as a lot of the hard core old torys are leaving the party to join ukip. Perhaps the new torys realise that the counrty that they run ten plus years back, no longer exsists and that they need to change.

  4. Anonymous 1 Feb 2007, 8:36pm

    David Davies, Ian Duncan-Smith, William Hague, Anne Widdecombe….

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