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Attitude back on the shelves

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Reader comments

  1. I emailed the subscription management company 16th December 2006 to complain that I had not received my December copy of Attitude magazine.I received a reply 19th December from telling me that “due to a minor distribution error, that magazine have[sic] been posted slightly late, therefore you should expect to receive your issue shortly before Christmas”.I emailed again at the beginning of this week as I didn’t receive December’s issue, and I was expecting January’s issue to be posted shortly before the next month, as was usual. I’ve not yet received a reply to my second email.Ohh Attitude – where have you gone with my subscription fee ?

  2. Darren Williams 14 Jan 2007, 1:58pm

    Attitude! What is wrong with you people? Such a fab magazine but no warning and no press statement? Piss poor! By the sounds of it the Jan issue will be available at the end of the month… what a waste of time. You should make amends by either sending subscribers free copies of the (ridiculously belated) January issue or putting them in the pubs and clubs for people to pick up.Adam et al you have some serious apologising to do!DarrenBirmingham

  3. Oliver Frey 20 Jan 2007, 12:29pm

    According to an employee chased by me for an outstanding fee, Attitude, as of yesterday, is being taken over by another company and everything is on hold…

  4. As with the above guys Ive also not received my December or January issues. Ended up going out and buying the December issue myself and was puzzled when I couldnt find the January one. I hope us loyal subscribers are going to be given 2 extra months on the end of our subscriptions to compensate the two we have missed! Very disappointed with what is otherwise a great magazine!Ive also recently emailed the dovetailservices people after receiving the same email as Johnny saying there was a delay. Yet to get a reply to my January email though.

  5. john, Wood Green 31 Jan 2007, 6:21pm

    What’s this crap about ‘having heterosexual stars on the cover’. Is there an implication that it should just be Graham Norton and drag queens every month? Boyz has lots of gay and straight stars on the cover too. Whats wrong with that? Most of the others have the same boring models every month and we dont know what their sexuality it is. Surely the stars should be the ones who are most interesting to gay people – not just those stuck in some gay ghetto. I love who Attitude has. It is 2007 after all. (Not that theres been a mag yet)

  6. … still waiting for my response from Dovetail (see below). “Replied” to the email they sent me ages ago and each time I get a “Permission denied” email. WTF?So I’ve raised another problem ticket, quoted my previously unresolved ticket and am waiting a response 10 days later.”Dear Customer – we’ve got your money, and we don’t give a shit. Now fuck off” .. would at least put into words their behaviour towards me.

  7. Well, I got my Feb issue from WH Smiths today and there was just a brief mention in editors letter that they have changed publishers. Also received letter today telling me my subscription is up and needs renewing…. I think I`ll see if they replace the two issues I didnt receive and see if it lasts another few months before thinking of subscriptions lol

  8. 2nd February received (a rather curt) email from Dovetail saying:-“Thank you for your email and please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in replying.Please noe[sic] that there is currently a delay with the delivery of Attitude magazine going back to the December issue. We are currently working to resolve these issues and once again apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.Kind regardsAttitude Magazine”*holds breath*

  9. John Lister 7 Feb 2007, 12:56pm

    I’m a subscriber, who’s been forced to buy this issue, which I’m not happy with but I imagine if they’ve just been sold it’s going to take a little while to sort out. I don’t see why it would be in their interest to dump all their subscribers. Thank God it’s back though, the new issue is fantastic

  10. Fred Williams 7 Feb 2007, 1:25pm

    What is this thing about putting “heterosexuals” on the cover about? From what i remember of Attitude they’ve had tons of gay guys on the cover. There was Will Young twice, George Michael, Elton John twice, Jeremy Sheffield, Neil Tennant, Boy George, John Barrowman, David Paisley, Scissor Sisters.That’s a lot more than AXM or Gay Times.

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