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Cardinal fears social isolation for Catholics

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Reader comments

  1. So, the poor old Cardinal is feeling picked on and isolated is he?Now he knows how his church had made us feel for centuries.Tell him “And as ye sow, so shall ye reap”.

  2. Bigots getting what they deserve. It may have taken time, but at least it’s happening now.The Cardinal could win back some respect if he spent some serious time investigating and removing the paedophile priests his church employs and then ignores or covers up. Instead he bangs on about gays and lesbians who actually want to give children a loving home – no wonder he is being marginalised.

  3. If the cardinal is so wrong, are we now going to offer paedophiles the right to adopt chilren?

  4. So this Cardinal apparently feels isolated and discriminated against because he is not allowed to isolate and discriminate against others. What a strange logic this man has.

  5. David Reid 30 Jan 2007, 5:56pm

    I hope this legislation does create a new kind of morality a new kind of norm where gay and Lesbian people are not denigrated and are instead seen as potentially as good as everyone else. I do hope that if people hold strongly held religious views which are irrational bigoted and intolerant that they are “socially isolated”. As Tony Blair said all reasonable people would be happy with the current plans. Bit of a slap in the face to the blackmailing Cormac Murphy O’Connor. Most sensible people could see through the we don’t want to discriminate but we just want to refuse services to gay men and Lesbians. Rowan Williams and Sentanamu should be equally ashamed and were even more disingenuous saying that legislation had no business trying to control consience. Of course they would accept other legislation controlling religious or racial discrimination, vigilanti-ism etc against those who hold conscientiously racist and anti religious or religious beliefs.So “some legislation, however well intended, in fact does create a new kind of morality, a new kind of norm as this does”. The cardinal talks about this new morality as if it was an unhappy accident. I believe this was the intention by most of the Labour government, a new kind of morality which respects gay and lesbian people and says to religious bigots that their discrimination is inappropriate. That’s the whole point, I think the cardinal may be starting to get the picture. His denigration, discrimination and bigoted religious interpretation and prioritisation are not welcome in polite and decent British society, at least not in public.

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