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2007 Moscow Pride will go ahead vow activists

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Reader comments

  1. Russian Gay 28 May 2007, 7:08pm

    Most of Russian gays and gay organisations were against this provocation. We should make gay-community by ourselfs (make philanthropic funds for gays, etc.) Not invite some europian activists, who will return to liberal EU, telling how anti-democratic is our country. This anti-russian hysteria only provokes our “patriotes” to say: “Gay people are agents of the West and wants to destroy our traditional life”. Your politics will say polit-correct worlds about democracy on TV, then forget about us. My mother knows that I’m gay. She isn’t homophobic. But she can’t understand why Piter T. went to Russia. “Do he love to be beaten by cops?! It’s silly!” – she asked

  2. Well, if you want to live in fear with no rights then I suppose that’s up to you.

  3. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 6 Sep 2007, 9:47pm

    Dear antiduring. AngieRS is absolutely right. Your mistake is that you’ve suckered by the national chauvinism bullshit used of your country’s rulers to oppose gay rights. They aim to sidetrack activism by claiming its not a proper ‘Russian’ idea but one imported by European liberal outside agitators. The struggle for gay and lesbian equality, especially in some of the former Stalinist states where antigay hatred runs deep, is a struggle for survival. The crazed skinheads and sanctimonious priests who attack demonstrations know what ‘up the chimney’ means and you’d damn well better figure it out or you could pay a horrible price. It’s happened before. If outside agitators want to aid your struggle embrace them, come out of the closet and join your brothers and sisters in the fight for your lives.

  4. The truth of the matter is that Gay Pride marches do not provide Gay rights.What secures Gay rights is consistent and conitnous chipping away of prejudices by legislation, civil action personal example ans the like.

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