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12-year-old trans case “not unusual”

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  1. Leanne Harris 29 Jan 2007, 1:33pm

    As a semi post operative Transgendered woman, I totally support and endorse GRS at an early age on the proviso that the correct gender dysphoric condition and evaluation has been fully ascertained beyond doubt, even at such an early age. I have had to contain the burden of trying to live my life in the wrong body for over 45 years and nobody should have to suffer if it is clear that GRS could resolve the constant turmoil and pain that I (as have many others) have endured. Good luck and my support both to Kim and her consultants for what is no doubt viewed as a brave and somewhat radical step – I hope that this will be the first of many such procedures.Leanne

  2. Good for Kim! It’s kind of hard to hear something like this without wishing that it had been the case for me, but I’m on the road. I think it is great that there is a greater sympathy for people in Kim’s position (and indeed transsexuals of all ages); it is difficult to understate what a difference it makes when the old judgmental, moralistic and frankly cowardly approach to transsexualism is replaced by one which is open, embracing and accepting.

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