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Tories comment on adoption row

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  1. She should look at her own side of the house before she starts instructing the ruling party. Widdecombe and Tebbit (who seems to have a “sodomy” fetish) would be a good starting point, followed by I.D.S. and the other homophobes.Tories don’t change their nasty little spots.If this were a Commons vote, I’d like to bet that the majority of Tories would either abstain or vote for an amendment.

  2. David Davies managed to avoid giving a clear answer on this topic this morning – David Cameron has failed to comment at all (he’s probably busy giving an interview to Woman’s Weekly abount knitting circles or something) – the majority of Tories are hiding under the bed clothes and hoping that this will go away before they have to expose their true opinions on the matter.

  3. Dose anyone think we should make Bonfire Night a Pride event in future?

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