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Lib Dem MP calls for adoption opt-out

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Reader comments

  1. Goodness me, a Lib Dem with an opinion. The Lord works in mysterious ways!

  2. Cllr Warren Morgan (Lab) 26 Jan 2007, 9:17pm

    An Early Day Motion (number 142) opposing exemptions has been tabled by the Labour MP for Brighton Kemptown Des Turner, and has been signed by over 120 MPs. It states:”That this House welcomes Part 3 of the Equality Act 2006, which outlaws discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation in the provision of goods, facilities and services; and remains concerned that further exemptions to the proposed regulations beyond the doctrinal exemption proposed by the Government would itself be discriminatory, would undermine the purpose of this House in passing the Act and would stigmatise lesbian and gay people, causing them significant and unnecessary distress.”

  3. Alternations Meteroids 27 Jan 2007, 1:11am

    I am puzzled as to why the minority gay population of this country get so up in arms. Put aside adoption for a moment. If I were to operate something like the oft cited case of a BB business tell me why I should not turn away two gay men if I am faced with the prospect of them sodomising each other in my house (and who knows, maybe in the next room), on my furniture, on my linen, when I believe that such action is against my moral code? Call me prim, call me proper, call me discriminatory, call me what you want but it should be my choice. Nobody is forcing sodomites and lesbians to attend church, pray to Allah, Buddha, God or whoever so why should we be forced to attend on the homosexual community?

  4. your very statement answer why.

  5. ps do you object to married couples sodomising each other on your bed and your linen. Also unmarried couples, people conducting affairs?

  6. I can’t help wondering why Alternations Meteroids is reading a gay site in the first place, are you actually Norman Tebbit looking for some sodomy stories to add to your collection? Sadly, you won’t find any.Last year, I saw a very decent looking couple who own a BB in the Lake District tell an Asian family that they were terribly sorry but the BB was full and that they had forgotten to take the “Vacancies” sign down. They took the sign down and waved the couple off. Half an hour later, the sign went back. Do you think that was acceptable behaviour? I don’t. Would it be acceptable if they did that to a gay couple? Only a few miles from that location is a camp site with a large sign that says “Mixed couples and families only”… Take that as you will.There’s no place for bigotry in the service / hospitality industry nowadays. “why should we be forced to attend on the homosexual community?” Are you forced to “attend” on the disabled, black, Irish Asian communities or would you like a special exemption in those cases too?Catholics (and other religious people) choose their religion – and thank goodness they can in this country – but we don’t choose our sexuality.

  7. Asteroids or whatever his name is should have every right to refuse services to gay people if it goes against his moral code, gives him the creeps or whatever. Homosexuals DO have a choice, those other groups you mentioned do not. Militant homosexuality is becoming a byword for silencing freedom of speech despite the practice being in only a very small percentage of the population.

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