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Lawyers launch free employment advice DVD

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  1. Interesting. I recently attended an interview for a legal position. I was asked “how shall I put it, do you have any dependants?”. The interviewer was clearly aware that marital status had nothing to do with my competence (12 yrs experience) for the job. When I mentioned I was single but with a long term partner, it was also pretty clear I was gay. The questioning then descended into implying I would probably find it hard to deal with conservatively-minded clients of diverse ethnic origins. The whole thing was grossly distasteful and humiliating.But how do I prove the all-too-apparent homophobic (and probably ageist)discrimination? This from a legal firm supposedly upholding the law of the land. To cap it all, when I sought advice from a solicitors firm supposedly sympathetic to trade unionists I could not even get the courtesy of a response. So there is a long way to go before we can expect help or understanding from the legal profession in this country. I know from bitter daily experience!

  2. Lakisha Scott 6 Aug 2009, 9:24pm

    I was recently working for a at will company & fired because I did not write in Incident report and because of something another employee say but not seen. can a company do that after working for them almost a year

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