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COMMENT: Archbishops suffer from flawed reasoning

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  1. This article misses the point. The fear is the loss of registration, and funding. In any case, why equate adoption to services that meet needs without which human beings cannot survive, such as food and lodging? Since when did parenting become a right? If parenting is a ‘right’ gay people should seize it -have straight sex and have yours, or go for IV. Why involve adoption agencies, who always have a motive other than profit, for providing their services? Catholic adoption agencies place approx 3/4% of all children – Shouldn’t gay people be content with the other 97%? For that matter, why exactly would a gay couple wishing to adopt a child, want to go to a Catholic adoption agency? Afterall, nothing prevents the GLBT community from establishing adoption agencies and running them as they see fit. Why can’t we permit individual adoption agencies to operate in whatever manner they choose, each according to their own principles?

  2. The Reverend Laurence Roberts 26 Jan 2007, 4:16pm

    What an ixcellent article. Yes, the Churches must grow up.What an embarrassment these anti-gay bishops are. Glad so many ‘ordinary’ people are open to lgbt people; ande in Live and let live.We need as many potential adopters to come forward for consideration in this crisis. Yes, it is a crisis for each abandoned baby, child aqnd teenager. And time is of the essence. They can’t wait for years for a home and for love. So we need a climate of support and encouragement for people to take such a big, scary step. Not discouragement of lesbian and gay couples and indiviudals. People need to know they won’t be treated like shit; and that they will be respected and supported, each step towards adoption of demanding and vulnerable children.Us gay people are great ! We can make the difference !

  3. Revd. Paul Collier 28 Jan 2007, 3:32pm

    I don’t mind conceding that the ideal for many if not most children in care might be adoption by a heterosexual married couple – given the still widespread homophobia in society, having to explain to evryone that your new parents are a same-sex couple could add an extra insecurity at a very unsettling period of adjustment.But even for those children, if no ‘ideal’ set of parents is available then, surely a same-sex couple, properly vetted and prepared for adopting, is only slightly less than ‘ideal’.What I find particularly alarming is that the Church is saying they would abandon all their work in the adoption field rather than face the ‘horror’ of placing even one child with a same sex couple. If that isn’t an example of phobia, then what is?

  4. Maralyn Dover 30 Jan 2007, 7:00pm

    The subject seems to be discrimination. Are not the CHILDREN the subject here? Are they not being discriminated against by receiving one less parent? Can I speak for the children who will grow up wondering where the other parent is?Maralyn

  5. If homosexual adoption supporters were just total dicks that wouldn’t be so bad. It’s worse. No human could support homosexual adoption.Homosexuals who believe they have a moral right to adopt are seriously ill people.

  6. nice to see the homophobes up and screaming.The reason why adopted kids of gay couples have problems is the homophobia that pervades society, and which is openly expressed by other children.Bear in mind that lesbians do have children, and their partners can adopt these children. So what is the difference? The only difference I can see is in the nastiness displayed here. Anyone who wants to adopt and to go therough the rigorous screening and training must be fit for the job; any adoptee who is gay will be better placed with gay adopters, who will at least be positive role models. As usual the homophobes forget that children can be gay too; don;t they deserve a family that can support them

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