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Labour leadership candidate pledges support for gay adoption

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  1. What sort of a “christian” are you?? As Christ is God in the flesh, how could He not uphold all that is in the word of God? God created male and female, the female to be a helpmate to the male. This is how procreation occurs!! Any gay person /s adopting a child, must concede that the child was produced in the way God intended by male and female procreation, otherwise there would be no child to adopt! this is the balance God intends for our lives. Taking a gay lifestyle to its optimum would mean extinction of the human race. Please look at your Bible. Read Romans 1 – what do you make of that? Homosexuality is an abomination to both Jesus Christ and His Father. Yes, Jesus entertained sinners but He didn’t leave them as sinners, He spoke the truth to them and warned them to repent and turn away from the sin that will take them to Hell. And homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle, a sin, just as much as adultery and fornication. Which Jesus is it you adhere to?