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Brit pop star won’t say which way he swings

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  1. To my opinion you all miss the point here, he doesn’t say he isn’t gay does he? He only says that his sexuality has totally and utterly nothing to do with his music!!What if he is gay what if he is bi sexual waht if he is a hetero … doesn’t make any difference at all, you see when someone whould ask me I would say I am generally a hetero but I did fall in love with women a couple of times in my life, but that’s me … hey and he is MIKA and he just says what he says and he has a right to do so .. ♥

  2. Well, good for him. I personally don’t understand why people make such a big issue out of celebs being gay or not. If he is gay: good for him. If he isn’t: good for him too.Note: I myself am straight but I have the fullest respect for gays. That’s why I find the whole thing so nonsensical. What does it matter?

  3. Why should he tell the public what his sexuality is?I mean, if he’s gay and it’s known to the public, sure it may ruin something especially with those immature people who go ‘ewwww!’ at such things.But if he refuses to say a word, reporters may make assumptions which is NOT true. What can he do?Poor dude.

  4. Does it really matter if he is gay? Because, honestly it wouldn’t really make a difference to the way he sings or writes music. And anyway what does his sexuality have to do with his music? I personally don’t get why it is so important to know if he is gay or not and why the media are just writing aboout celebrities being gay because if it mattered that much they’d be writing about all the other gays in the world.

  5. Why does it matter?Why are the media so desperate to know his personal life?It really doesn’t bother me if he’s gay or not, its his life no one elses therefore they should mind there own business (media)they shouldn’t be so bloody nosy. I mean give him a chance he’s just at the start of things!

  6. hey everyone. im doing a modern music project on mika. i need to find out about his family.. so if anyone knows their names and what they do for a job then pleasee please please email me! xmegx775@aol.comthanks so much!!

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  8. well as I always suspected he’s bisexual he just admitted it in the magazine gay & night about time he said so!! it’ll hopefully stop all those annying interviewers asking the same old boring question again & again & again! I am a huge fan of Mika & a straight woman who fancies him too but frankly I don’t care about his sexuality & i’d love to not hear about it EVERY single fricken time I read an intervew have people nothing better to worry about? sheesh get a life those concerned with it.

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