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Brighton Pride mourn their “true champion”

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  1. I worked for Paul Wilde for 18 months at South Central. He was the most amazing man I cannot begin to express the huge sense of loss I feel. He was so much more than the boss, he was there for me in the good times and the bad times. We shared so many laugh, the mans sense of humour was immense. I will miss him sorely and the gay community has lost someone who really contributed to it.

  2. I worked with Paul back in the late 80’s when Paul was an agent and I ran Studio 1. He was like a rock during some difficult times for me and I will always be proud to call him my friend. He had a fantastic sense of humour and immense depth to his character….actually, a one-off! I will miss him like mad. God bless you Paul. xx Lee

  3. I have known Paul since the early eighties having worked and socialised with him in various aspects of the gay entertainment scene to which he was such an inspiration. He loved life and lived it to the full and will be forever remembered for his sharp wit and firm friendship, someone who was always their in a crisis and will always be remembered with a smile.Pearl xx

  4. I have known Paul for just over 20 years. I was very saddened by his passing. I shall miss him enormously.Paul had a beautiful generous spirit and could invoke infectious laughter with his dry biting wit. He always put a smile on my face as we teased each other back and forth over the years in the most sarcastic bitchy terms! No Pride event will ever be the same without Paul whizzing around on his golf cart – often shouting mischievously at some hapless individual down his walkie talkie. It is rumoured that the walkie talkies were annually updated…. the infamous golf carts however bore many battle scars but just somehow kept on going – despite the best efforts of my girlfriend and myself to burn out the engine on one as we merrily skidded around Preston Park last Brighton Pride! This latter provoked the usual barrage of expletives from Paul in his usual lovely ferocious banter.Paul touched many lives with his generosity and sound business acumen. Any Pride festival where Paul and the lovely team from Wilde Ones were involved was always well run and fun to participate in. The gay community will miss his amazing sense of dedication, humour and professionalism. Above all we shall all miss his huge capacity to actually give a damn for all those individuals and organisations he helped over the years. Paul, you were a lovely individual who lived life to the full, we shall all miss you very dearly.Gonul xxx

  5. Warren Dempster 20 Jan 2007, 4:03pm

    I was fortunate to know Paul in both my professional and personal capacity. Although I only met Paul in 2006, I soon learned that he was an extremely friendly and hospitable individual and I will miss the informal chats I enjoyed having with him. My condolences go to his family and the many friends that I know he had.Warren DempsterLGBT Liaison OfficerWandsworth Borough Police

  6. I am a New Yorker who was fortunate enough to have met this wonderful human being Paul through a mutual friend. Everytime I came to London, I always made sure to see Paul and Greg. I can’t think of one without the other. Paul brought to me such joy and laughter, a sense of life lived to its fullest. I will miss him terribly. Jean

  7. Tony Williams 23 Jan 2007, 11:38pm

    I think what people should remember is that passsion and pride in what you believe in is much more important than success in a corporate sense of who earns the biggist dollar from this business.Paul obviousy had a great belief in what he did and enjoyed it to the max and was succesful.If your in this business because its the only job you can do thats not good enough!This job is about passion and the money comes as a reflection of that passion. Rest in peace Paul. I didnt know you but I hope you enjoyed every minute of your life because it was what you believed in and what you wanted to do.I hope you enjoyed life to the max.Tony Williams. Bogus Brothers.

  8. Marios Patrinos 26 Jan 2007, 5:39pm

    The Reading Pride Committee would like to express its sadness at the news.Paul was instrumental in shaping Reading Pride and ensuring that the event got of the ground and continued.We will miss his invaluable contribution to our and other festivals around the country.Our thoughts are with his friends and family at this difficult time.

  9. Phil Burke 5 Feb 2007, 1:17pm

    Dear Editor Paul Wilde RIP How saddened I was to hear about the death of Paul Wilde in the Pink Newspaper, I first came across Paul in the early 1990s when he was involved in helping to organise the Manchester Mardi Gras event working alongside Julia Grant, I have never seen somebody running around so much over the bank holiday weekend like Paul with a cig in one hand and a radio in another; between the two of them we were able to raise thousands of pounds for all local charities across Manchester Paul was one of the few people who would do anything for anyone and never expected any thing in returned; he was always on hand to help people less fortunate then himself, he will solely missed up here in Manchester, Finally may we send our sincere sympathy to all his family and friends and anyone else who had the pleasure of knowing Paul Phil BurkeChair Manchester Village Business Association

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