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Football stars talk about being gay – anonymously

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Reader comments

  1. diggler943 17 Jan 2007, 4:51pm

    Well,bet it wasn’t “Super Schwanz” Ballack!The jaw-dropper in the showers!They make ’em big in Deutschland!

  2. Graham A. Smith 31 Jan 2008, 2:51am

    I found this this website after entering “gay footballers” into my favourite search engine, and was intregued by the results! First and foremost, why should ANYONE be judged for any job because of their sexual orientation; I was once told by a boss of mine when working in London “I don’t care a damn whether any of my workers are homosexuals, drug addicts, perverts or whatever, so long as their capable of the job, and that all I’m concerned about”. This surely doesn’t suggest that gays should be compared with drug addicts; being gay isn’t unnatural per se, although it may be abnormal; it takes all kinds to make a world, and if there is (say) a footballoer who’s better than a herterosexual, why should the hetro one get the job, just because he’s considered ‘normal’, given the present state of ignorant people’s attitudes?

  3. Culture of Soccer » Blog Archive » From Fashanu to Amaechi: Homophobia in Sports 10 Sep 2011, 1:04am

    […] Times reported on three gay players in Germany who were set to come out of the closet. As of yet, none has. John Amaechi is to be applauded for having the courage to announce he is a gay athlete. But sadly, […]

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