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Ex-archbishop steps into Exeter student row

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Reader comments

  1. I can’t imagine a Gay Group banning Christians from it’s meetings, funny how it’s considered acceptable when it’s the other way around.How typical of the Daily Mail to get involved in something like this, there are no depths to which they won’t stoop.

  2. I thought the same. Have we as a gay community ever banned any one or anything? I cant think that we have. Yet these people who are in to love thy neighbour etc etc, are always banning something. For people who faith is so strong, they sure do worry alot?

  3. Why not email the president on the Evangelical Christian Union to tell him what a small minded bigot he is Universities are places of learning, home to the most intellectual minds in our society, it therefore beggars belief that they should also be home to such outdated bigotry.I hadn’t realiased that the old testament provided a selection of beliefs you could pick and choose from. Either you are living by the word of Leviticus or you are not. On the one hand Mr Harding and his god-bothering chums are quite happy to embrace the lines that condemn us homos, by as is clearly shown by their mugshots on Exeter Christian Union’s website, they quite obviously are ignoring the references to not having a shave in the mornings.After a night out getting bladdered on the student loans we’ve stumped up for out of the 25p in every pink pound we’re forced to pay in taxes, Mr Harding and Co pick the prawns out of their special fried rice on the way home. I suspect not.I am disgusted that that the Student Union is having to do this. The university should have booted them out a long time ago.I’m guessing if the Christian Union had a ‘no jews’ or ‘no blacks’ policy things would be very different (although I note from the website the committee does seem to be all white!!)

  4. The story isn’t quite true. The ECU doesn’t have a ban on gay people. It does, however, have a ban on Christians – at least, on Christians who disagree with it (whom it considers to be non-Christians).For more detail, please see:

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