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Arnie faces pressure from gay Republicans

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  1. James Vaughn 23 Jan 2007, 4:55pm

    Actually, as the person quoted in teh story, i can tell you that far from having a poor record, he has one of the best records of any governor having signed into law 10 bills last year that promoted the equal treatment of gays and lesbians. He vetoed marriage, because like most Americans he is conflicted about the issue and not ready for it yet. He is not opposed to it and his veto message simply stated that he felt the people needed to have some say in this. That is a far cry from being anti-gay because he is closer to our community;s views on the issue than many Democrat leaders such as Hillary Clinton who has been given a pass on the issue by our community simply because she is a Democrat. I suppose it is too much to ask our community to hold all leaders, regardless of party, to the same standard?