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Scottish government backs hate crimes bill

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  1. Malcolm Lidbury 15 Jan 2008, 1:23pm

    To get the same in England, Cornish people would need to ‘VOTE OUT’ Lib Dem Mp Colin Breed, East Cornwall, who has opposed such a change in law on religious grounds…not that even with the law the HOMOPHOBIC Devon Cornwall police would DO anything to protect gay people.2005: 354 homophobic incidents reported to Devon Cornwall Constabulary…only 13 of these were finalised in a Court of Law! Most the DC police just could not be bothered to investigate or finalise properly!Cornwall: Probably the most HOMOPHOBIC police force in Britain!

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 15 Jan 2008, 3:27pm

    Malcolm, are the authorities in London doing anything about this situation in Cornwall? Is Stonewall providing any help? Why is this being allowed to happen? We should boycott Cornwall as a tourist destination, hit them in their pockets where it hurts most. We can take our pink pounds elsewhere.

  3. OMAR KUDDUS 15 Jan 2008, 3:36pm

    Malcolm, In regards to Peter and the Homophobic bullying that he has suffered here is the latest response that I have received regarding him and his case;Fell free to take the matter up further as I shall be doing too.Dear Mr KuddusThank you for your email dated 2 January, to Kevin Brennan about homophobic bullying. I hope you can appreciate the Minister receives a great deal of correspondence and is unable to reply personally to each one. On this occasion I have been asked to reply. I would like to thank you for bringing Peter’s story to our attention. I can assure you that the Government takes all forms of bullying seriously, and we are clear that all bullying is completely unacceptable. The Government’s new anti-bullying guidance, Safe to Learn: embedding anti-bullying work in schools, which can be accessed at makes clear that bullying should never be tolerated. It includes specific materials on cyberbullying and homophobic bullying, the latter which we developed with Stonewall and Education Action Challenging Homophobia.As we only deal with educational issues you may wish to contact the Government Office for the South West with your concerns about the other services mentioned in the video. They can be contacted at: Castle House, Pydar Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2UJ, email: I would like to thank you once again for writing.Yours sincerelyLynn Garland Public Communications Unit Your correspondence has been allocated the reference number 2008/0000847. To correspond by email with the Department for Children, Schools and Families please contact

  4. Malcolm Lidbury 15 Jan 2008, 4:33pm

    Thank you OmarI tried to contact you via the email given in an earlier thread, but it bounced back. I genuinely regret that Stonewall has repeatedly been informed of the situation in Cornwall regretably ignored it.The problem stems from a genuinely DEEP rooted homophobic attitudes, practises conduct embedded within the Cornwall police force at BCU at Truro, Middlemoor HQ Exeter, the local Police Authority. The IPCC sort of wishy-washy investigated some complaints, but by NO means all, ignorng witnesses, ignoring evidence, ignoring aspects of the complaints as a whole. The passed complaints to the local internal police to investigate…which were subsequently buried. Questions to ask Cornwall Police? …because we have …and gotten absolutely nowhere due to the continuing homophobic attitude prevalent protected within this police force, by the IPCC the Police Authority. 1. Why was ONLY an ‘OUT’ gay person arrested from a group of people engaging equally in lawful activity. (This is not the first time an OUT gay person has been targeted by Cornwall police as the sole ONLY person arrested when a group of persons have been equally involved in lawful activity)2. Why did police attempt to take a statement from one of the witnesses over the phone? When the witness declined (through distrust of honesty of Cornwall police in gay cases) but the witness offered to make a statement in writing with an independent witness present …the police declined/refused!3. Why did police decline to take witness statements from two other gay/bi eyewitnesses? (This is COMMON police practise in Cornwall to IGNORE defence witnesses, especially if they are gay/bi!)4. Why did police ignore (poked at, but ignored) pertinent physical evidence when searching a falsely accused persons home? 5. Why did police ignore (admission and) withdrawal of a false allegation by an accuser within days/weeks of an allegation being made…unless it was intentionally to further abuse and intimidate the gay victim falsely accused? 6. Why did police ignore information the accuser had admitted in text messages (held on record) that the allegation was false? 7. Why did police ignore information there was an independent witness who had received a phone call from the false accuser admitting it was a false allegation? 8. Why did a Cornwall police diversity officer put out a false and misleading statement to the gay press (Pinkpaper) that the arrest of one of the primary PRIDE organisers would not effect the PRIDE event. The Cornwall PRIDE gathering WAS at risk of cancellation. How would this ARROGANT diversity officer know since he had had NO contact with the Cornwall PRIDE steering group! NB:- Prior to any arrest, the group of twenty gay persons on the PRIDE steering group had voted on THREE separate PRIOR occasions NOT to involve Cornwall police in the beach day out of serious lgbt community concerns regarding continuing homophobic attitudes and practises in Cornwall carried out by police. 9. Why did the police d-r-a-g out the case for over two months before finalising it? 10. Why did police STILL not returned property seized from the gay persons home almost a month after the case has been finalised and NFA’d? 11. Why have the police not taken ANY steps to prosecute the person who made the false allegation against the gay person arrested? 12. Why did/does Middlmore Police Headquarters in Exeter completely and utterly ignore emails sent to them on gay related issues such as the above….this contrary to recommendations made by the Independent Police Complaints Commission 2004 2006? 13. Why did Cornwall police send round two police officers in an unlogged visit to further threaten and intimidate the falsely accused gay person and other members of his household AFTER the case was finalised? In Cornwall multiple experiences and observations of treatment of gay/bi persons…. the most likely person to violate and abuse a gay person, disrupt negatively their life, cause financial health distress and trauma through prejudicial attitudes and conduct…is UNQUESTIONABLY ….a Cornwall Police Officer. …and here are some MORE questions about Devon Cornwall police continuing corruption homophobia within the Devon Cornwall police force as EXPERIENCED by some gay persons in Cornwall. 1. What is happening regarding a DC police officer who (is alleged) to committed perjury in a Civil Crown Court in Sept 2006 against a gay person. This has been reported to numerous police officers IPCC (including the witness names) and NOTHING done about it? 2. What is being done about a Cornwall police officer who told a gay victim of a brutal serious violent assault in Helston, Cornwall, to quote :- ‘shut up, be quiet, you don’t want to say that’, when the victim informed the police officer he thought it was a homophobic assault. This is a breach of the ‘True vision’ policy on hate crime adopted by Devon Cornwall police (NOT investigated by IPCC)? 3. The same Cornwall police officer then threatened to charge with affray, a gay victim (hospitalised) after violent assault, if complaint of assault made by either two LGBT victims? 4. Why was a Cornwall police Sergeant who obstructed information to a gay person how to make a formal complaint against police never investigated properly? 5. Why another Cornwall police Sergeant, now an Inspector, tried to obstruct disclosure by a gay person of defence statements to police prosecution? (NOT investigated by IPCC) 6. What has been done about another Cornwall police officer lied about a signature in a pocket book to try to cover up police misconduct against a gay person? (Established by the IPCC 2006) 7. Yet another Cornwall police officer who lied and failed to deliver ALL legally entitled court paperwork to a gay victim of police homophobia? (Established by the IPCC 2006) 8. Why is it acceptable that a Cornwall police Inspector who stated in a letter spreading rumours a gay person had HIV/AIDS (when they did not have HIV/AIDS as proven by a letter from GU Clinic) was not harassment? (Established by the IPCC) 9. Why the same Inspector stated in a letter that ‘screaming of homophobic abuse in the streets’was not harassment of a gay person. (Established by the IPCC) 10. Why the Cornwall Detective Constable who participated in attempted blackmail of a homeless vagrant 15yr old gay youth living rough on the streets of Helston, this was recorded on tape has NEVER been investigated? (NOT investigated by the IPCC) 11. Why the two police officers who carried out a partial strip search on a gay youth in a public place and failed to follow home office guidelines .. and search”. The youth a witness in another case AGAINST police officers for misconduct. The same police rude to an elderly pensioner witness in defence of the gay youth. The youth’s complaints ignored by police of misconduct. The Cornwall gay PRIDE group later established who was responsible AND prosecuted for the theft the innocent gay youth was abused and bullied by police regarding. (NOT investigated by the IPCC) 12. Why a Cornwall Detective Constable who tried to mislead a court of law as to ownership of a property and who acted upon entirely homophobic allegations against a gay person has DESPITE it being reported to numerous police officers NEVER ivestigated? (NOT investigated by the IPCC) 13. A Cornwall Detective Constable who threatened a seized computer (later returned) would be wiped of information. The same police officer failed to return seized property to a gay person within an acceptable time line (Established by the IPCC) (THIS resulting in total destruction of two gay owned businesses). Police later had to admit in both an IPCC enquiry and in civil court there were NO illegal images on the computer seized. The same police officer refused a gay person access to an LGBT diversity officer. Middlemoor Headquarters has IGNORED ALL correspondence on this and other Cornwall police homophobic conduct and practises? 14. What has happened about a Detective Constable who failed to finalise a case, leaving a gay victim of homophobic abuse on the police computer as a suspect? (Established by the IPCC)15. Cornwall Custody officers failed to enable a gay person held in custody any food for in excess of 7 hours and tried to bully a gay person when their property went missing whilst detained by the police. (NOT established by the IPCC) 16. A police Inspector who lied about identity of two police officers who made un-logged visit to a gay person’s home. (NOT investigated by IPCC) 17. On NUMEROUS occasions Cornwall Police officers have refused to take witness statements from gay persons regarding incidents in Cornwall. (This combination of Cornwall police abuses and violations subsequently drove a gay person to attempt suicide). Then there is the Cornwall police situation whereby:- a). A gay 16yr old youth who sent porn to his (closet ) 17yr old boyfriend, police tried to prosecute the 17yr old youths gay employer who was innocent and had no knowledge or involvement. b) Cornwall police tried prosecuting for ‘SEXUAL GROOMING’ a gay employer who allowed student employees to attend a GU Clinic in work time to get hepatitis inoculations and professional sexual health information. c.) Cornwall police SERIOUSLY attempted a prosecution on ‘SEXUAL GROOMING’ when a 16yr old gay youth in Cornwall choose a Xmas gift of Tesco novelty underpants and a small rubber willy novelty keyring for his (closet) bisexual boyfriend. d) The same police officer who SERIOUSLY suggested the film ‘The Birdcage’, Cert 15, starring Robin Williams… was a gay PORN film which could be used for “SEXUAL GROOMING”? It is with GOOD reason the successful 2007 Cornwall LGBT Gay PRIDE group disbanded out of fear of further homophobic reprisal and vendetta from Cornwall Police officers! It is the EXPERIENCE and observation of some gay per

  5. OMAR KUDDUS 15 Jan 2008, 4:55pm

    I do not understand what happened there. Try again. I genuinely want to help out in Peter’s case and have as you can tell been making lots of fuss, and shall continue to do so.Naturally cannot publish them on the site for legal reasons, thus it would be better and more practical to do so directly.

  6. OKif you’re sure of your case (and seek advice about this) SUE

  7. annoyedcornishperson 15 Jan 2008, 6:49pm

    i really wish you would leave cornwall to the cornish if you hate it so much

  8. OMAR KUDDUS 15 Jan 2008, 7:04pm

    Malcolm,Please can you tell me what part of you is not Cornish?You being Gay , perhaps?And there I was thinking that we lived in a FREE DEMOCRATIC country, with freedom of choice.

  9. cornishuntilltheend 15 Jan 2008, 8:25pm

    he merely lives here and he, like all english people, dont understand cornwall!

  10. cornishuntilltheend 15 Jan 2008, 8:25pm

    i know where he comes from and it aint cornwall

  11. Malcolm Lidbury 15 Jan 2008, 8:39pm

    annoyedcornish demonstrates clearly the mentality..H’s not annoyed that a Cornish School failed a 15yr old gay youth living on the streets…or annoyed that Cornwall Social Services, Youth Services, Police let this youth down…He’s not annoyed that Cornwall police have abused violated some gay people…He’s not annoyed that Cornwall police take no notice of the Crown Prosecution Service definition of a homophobic incident…He’s not annoyed a Cornish Crown Court judge could not even get the age of consent right…He’s not annoyed at the systematic institutional homophobic abuse is common place in Cornwall……he’s annoyed because someone has dared to put a ripple on the stagnant pond of Cornwall attiudes to gay equality Human Rights…and that is the mentality of so many in Cornwall.

  12. OMAR KUDDUS 15 Jan 2008, 9:04pm

    Quick, someone tell the Cornwall Tourets Board at ( that it is not in England’s West Country

  13. cornishuntilltheend 15 Jan 2008, 9:25pm

    why did he get expelled from helston school? THATS what i want to know, what did peter do that was so bad to get expelled????

  14. Cornish respondants:you’re part of the UK – get over it. Pull yourselves into the 21st C, if you think it’s acceptable for gay kids to be so treated, FOADIAF

  15. Robert, ex-pat Brit 15 Jan 2008, 9:28pm

    Cornwall is beginning to sound like that other backwater, N. Ireland when it comes to antigay attitudes. Time to start bashing back at them. I’m appalled that Stonewall sits idly by and does nothing. It should be championing this kind of bigotry. Silence gives consent and to do nothing only condones what is happening. Its a disgrace.

  16. OMAR KUDDUS 15 Jan 2008, 9:49pm

    Have you actually watched peters story, (link provided) If you have , then all you ask is why was he expelled.Perhaps the Homophobic Bullying had something to do with it and if you need ill even explain what this means further.

  17. Bill Perdue 15 Jan 2008, 11:15pm

    The story in Cornwall is not all that uncommon. Police forces, even after ‘sensitivity training’ at civil service charm schools are notorious the world over for harboring gay bashers and racists. These bigots, acting under cover of the badge are very hard to get rid of but it seems that if the same penalties that are applied to civilians were given to them it would help. That seems to happen rarely. Actually, since they are ‘the Law’ on the street they should be held to a much higher standard than civilians and if repeatedly found committing gaybashing or racist offenses or expressing antigay and racist sentiments (which guide their actions) they should be summarily dismissed. if there were ‘354 homophobic incidents’ and most of them ignored or swept under the table then it’s time to take the matter out of their hands and request assistance from international bodies and, if possible, launch lawsuits. Police like that are a danger to civilians.Malcolm has posted many times and I’ve looked at his videos and can’t understand why rightists or anyone else would question his motives or comment on the facts without viewing them. I think all of us owe a debt to Malcolm for standing up for our community and especially it’s most vulnerable segment – GLBT youth. Thanks Malcolm, we appreciate your efforts.

  18. cornishuntilltheend 15 Jan 2008, 11:30pm


  19. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Jan 2008, 12:56am

    “THE FULL STORY IS NOT BEING TOLD”I’m glad someone else has come out and said it.This site is getting totally bogged down with people who use it to bang on about their own private agendas, with scant reference to truth or fact. They put forward their own very partisan views and are promptly supported, whatever the likelihood of their being any truth anything they have written, but a small but growing group of fantasists.We’ve got a Marxist revolutionary, a marriage or death merchant, someone whose boyfriend is supposedly facing extradition it would appear largely to his own belligerence and lack of respect for British law and the immigration system and someone else with a very unhealthy fixation with a 15 year old boy.This is a news site and the comments pages therein are for the purpose of people commenting about news stories. Whilst comments pages do from time to time go off message to some degree, at the moment, more so than usual, we seem to be getting weighed down with a small group of people’s irrelevant baggage.I received a parking ticket erroneously issued overt the weekend. Quite clearly it was issued by a homophobic parking attendant and anyway I shouldn’t have to pay because I’m gay and I was at the gym. Any chance we could all whitter on about how disgusting it is for the next three days. In the meantime I’ll try to dredge up so more superficial personal issues that we can all coo and hoot over.I am with you one hundred per cent Cornish, I think the sooner some of the nutters on here get sectioned the better.

  20. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Jan 2008, 12:59am

    Omar, nice to see you back. Perhaps you’d be good enough to provide an answer to the question I have now repeatedly asked you. It won’t go away until you do, mate:Omar, why now challenged about it do you not care? You have been very keen on a number of ocassions for me to reveal my true identity. Why?The Times October 18, 2006Man has throat slashed in ‘web rage’Police have warned chat-room users not to include personal details after a poster was tracked downBy Fran Yeoman POLICE warned internet users to protect their real identities after a man was convicted yesterday of Britain’s first “web rage” attack. Paul Gibbons, 47, of Bermondsey, southeast London, attacked John Jones with a pickaxe handle and knife, slitting his throat, after tracing Mr Jones to his house after an argument in an online chat room. Gibbons pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to unlawful wounding yesterday in what police said was the first conviction of its kind. The court was told that Mr Jones, 43, had posted personal details about himself online and used his real name when participating in a Yahoo! chatroom dedicated to Islam, where he met Gibbons. These details allowed Gibbons, who has a string of previous convictions for violence and weapons offences, to locate his victim’s home address in Clacton, Essex, using electoral records. Gibbons, who used the username Pastordevil, argued about Muslims and the war on Iraq with Mr Jones through the chatroom. He then accused the father of three of being a paedophile, and told other chat room users of his plans for revenge. Ibitayo Adebayo, for the prosecution, told the court: “There were exchanges of views between the victim and the defendant, which were threatening on both sides. Certainly there was some hostility.” The lawyer said that on Boxing Day last year Mr Jones asked Gibbons “to attend a place near Tower Bridge in order to sort things out. The victim attended with his sister. The defendant did not.” Gibbons, 47, then arrived at Mr Jones’s house on December 28 carrying a pickaxe handle, together with an unnamed accomplice armed with a machete. “The victim was working on his computer,” Mr Adebayo continued. “His two elder children were just outside playing. His wife was taking a bath and the youngest child was asleep. “The victim heard his name being shouted out outside and he heard a knock on the door.” Mr Jones opened the front door carrying a knife for protection, but was soon pushed to the floor. “There was a scuffle on the landing between this defendant and the victim. The victim ended up on the floor and was beaten with the pickaxe handle,” Mr Adebayo said. Mr Jones tried to protect himself with the knife, but Gibbons managed to take it from him and then attacked Mr Jones with his own blade. During the assault, Mr Jones’s throat was cut from his Adam’s apple to his ear, narrowly missing the jugular vein. Mr Adebayo said that Gibbons told him: “Jones, if you carry on, I will f***ing kill you.” Mr Jones’s wife, Deborah Andrews, emerged from the bathroom and called for help, causing Gibbons to flee. Doctors later noted that Mr Jones had further cuts to his head, neck and hands. Police arrested Gibbons on January 11. They also seized the computer from the flat where he lived alone. It then emerged that he had boasted about his violent plans to another chatroom user called Angie, who has never been identified. On December 23 he wrote: “I am a law-abiding person but I’ll make an exception for Jones.” Another message, sent the day before the attack, read: “He’s going to regret it tomorrow. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.” Hours after the assault, Gibbons, who also used the user names Exudes, Devilishness and Pastordevil-tard-killer, logged on again and told Angie: “I had his knife at his throat. He was screaming in fear. He never stood a chance. Jones was freaked.” He later added: “It went perfectly to plan.” After his guilty plea, Gibbons was remanded in custody by Judge Richard Hawkins, QC, to be sentenced on November 7. He has previous convictions dating from 1975, including for assault and carrying weapons. A charge of the attempted murder of Mr Jones and four charges of online threats to kill four other chat room users were left to lie on the file. Sergeant Jean-Marc Bazzoni, who led the investigation for Essex Police, said his advice was: “Never put personal details on the web if you are using chat rooms. It was easy for Gibbons to track the victims down because he built up a picture of personal details they had let slip. And people need to make sure they know what their children are doing when they are on the internet.”I’ve now sought clarification as to whether you are making threats against me and you appear to threaten me with libel in return and suddenly are no longer interested in who I am, after pestering me repeatedly to find out.I think if I am misunderstanding your words the obvious solution is for you to explain exactly what you mean rather than avoiding questions and cutting and pasting text you have googled from the internet.

  21. Bill Perdue 16 Jan 2008, 4:28am

    Sister Mary Malicious’ latest rant against Omar Kuddos is “… a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”Mother Superior, aka Sister Mary Distracta is desperately trying to ward off the honest anger of serious activists against the gay bashing politics of the Conservative and Unionist Party, who are schooled by the US Republican Party in McCarthyist tactics. The conservatives have been in parliamentary purgatory for over a decade because they ARE the party of sexism, homobigotry, union busting and immigrant bashing. They and likeminded parties make it their business to inflame prejudice against GLBT folk and immigrants. Without giving up their politics, but afraid of becoming a ‘loser’ party they decided to mount a patronizing charm offensive aimed at diverting GLBT folks from their dismal record of gay basing. That’s easier said than done.The conservatives latest gay bashing was their vote against the pro gay provisions of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill, but they’re against GLBT equality on a wide variety of issues. These include general opposition to severe penalties for hate crimes and hate speech and pigheaded opposition to samesex marriage. The Tories also oppose declaring the EU and England welcoming havens for LGBT asylum seekers, particularly from the epicenters of violence in the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. In addition the Conservatives consistently ally themselves with ultra rightist gay bashing parties in EU politics. When the charm offensive fails they resort to lies and slanders. Their problem is that their spokesmodel at pinknews is Sister Mary Ludicrous, Mother Superior of the Holy Order of Fuming Has Beens. He’s hardly what you’d call the brightest star in the Conservative constellation. He’s not even a murky star. He’s terminally dishonest, lumbering and ham fisted but in the end he’s unimportant and uninteresting. He’s just a petty annoyance, a howling attack Chihuahua. He specializes in defending bigoted cops and firemen, the catholic cult, islamophobic bigots and antigay politicians (unless they’re Labour politicians.) Even his pretense at being paranoid is as ineptly presented as his script for Tomas, the other Dunce. People have stopped paying attention to his ravings, no matter whose persona they appear under.The majority of posters at pinknews are honest supporters of GLBT equality and many are activists. Let’s do what we can to make sure they feel welcome here.

  22. cornishuntilltheend, why are you shouting, it’s bad manners and makes you look silly.You imply that you know the whole story, so why not give it? You also say that unless people fit into what “cornish” is they shouldn’t come to Cornwall (unless, I brlirvr they are grockles willing to spend lots of moiney…)I remind you, Cornwall is part of the UK, and it is unacceptable to have no-go areas in the UK, and intolerable if some regions have an opt out on equality because it is somehow “un-Cornish”, or whatever. I know that incomers cause problems, I also know they bring money (who benefits when houses are sold as second homes? Yes the CORNISH owners!).

  23. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Jan 2008, 8:58am

    Thanks for your valuable input as always Bill. An insightful view into the world of gay politics and culture as always.apYrs – perhaps some of the attitudes on here are fostering a siege mentality. Something we have seen again and again – Ireland, Gibraltar and now Cornwall. People are often only to happy to give an opinion (usually expressing condemnation) based on a few lines of comment that may not actually present the whole story, or may present only a very slanted view.We now have a opposing and frustrated view to the one that has been presented to us for some time – one that has attached itself to countless threads that bear no connection with the news stories themselves.The gay media have not picked up this story, Stonewall have not been interested in helping out we now find, we seen a polite brush off from one Member of Parliament and we have been told that other local MPs don’t care. No one unconnected with the alleged incidents has in any way supported the story. We now have someone quite clearly saying we are not getting the full facts and he is being vilified.Gay people do things wrong sometimes. Often not because they are gay, but because they are people. We may not always be in the right. I have said before we should caution against wading in guns blazing just because someone posts some sorry tale on here. People and stories may not always be what they seem.

  24. SMC someone has stated he knows the truth of the events: so far we’ve only had one side of it. I asked him if he would elucidate, I await his response with interest.As someone living in South Wales, and having dealt with LGBT who live in the hinterland, I accept that there can be a siege mentality, but am not willing to accept it as avalid response. As far as the MPs and other public services go: Lib/Dem MPs are often “tory” in conservative areas, and “socialist” in labour areas. The same is true for the councils. Therefore I’m not minded to dismiss this charge until I can see more evidence: the evidence given FOR there being homophobia is quite compelling

  25. OMAR KUDDUS 16 Jan 2008, 12:42pm

    “For the third time I’ll ask you, why now challenged about it do you not care? You have been very keen for me to reveal my true identity. Why?” Ok, your words:NOT mine, so paste here when I have ACTUALLY asked you to reveal your “true identity” “on a number of occasions” (Oh by the way as per “others” who make the same mistake and support SMC “ ocassions” is actually spelt “occasions”). It is not my fault you do not seem to understand English, or see the difference, of Hiding behind an alias and asking for ones identity.So I repeat:1.Are you able to explain exactly why you want my real identity? I don’t, and frankly don’t care who you are. A non-significant person ,which sums up My opinion of you. The difference is that I am prepared to put my name and reputation on the line for my beliefs and do not thus need to hide behind an alias, as no one who is serious about their beliefs and political standings do.2.What do you propose to do with it when you have it exactly? The above answers that, and I have never asked you or any one else to revile their true identity. Again assumption and misrepresentation, as I have said words to the effect that I don’t hide behind an alias. 3.Apparently you seem to be unaware of what does and does not amount to deformation and libel so to put you in the picture; “In law, defamation is the communication of a statement that makes a false claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may harm the reputation of an individual. Most jurisdictions allow legal actions, civil and/or criminal, to deter various kinds of defamation and retaliate against groundless criticism. The common law origins of defamation lie in the torts of libel (harmful statement in a fixed medium, especially writing, or electronic broadcast), each of which gives a common law right of action. “Defamation” is the general term used internationally, and is used in this article where it is not necessary to distinguish between “slander” and “libel”. Libel and slander both require publication. The fundamental distinction between libel and slander lies solely in the form in which the defamatory matter is published. If it is published in more durable form, for example in written words, blogging and the like, then it is considered libel.”This also includes insinuation and indirect misrepresentation or suggestion.If you require ill even point you further what constitutes and does come under this;Try the link : End of discussion ever with SMC, so post what you like or say what you want, I frankly don’t give a *##+!!$$ as a majority of the people on the site don’t either. And for this time ONLY I am making an exception Neither that I don’t care who you are, but as you keep insinuating that I have asked you for your “true identity” “on a number of occasions” put your money where your mouth is and prove it, for all to see, and paste when and where I have asked for it?“True identity” does not = alias (which means, is a pseudonym), or hiding behind one.And please never refer to me as “mate” as I expressed my views regarding this previously. I am NOT your mate.

  26. Malcolm Lidbury 16 Jan 2008, 1:24pm

    RE:- Peter exclusion from Cornish school. It was due to his none attendance.His none attendance was due to bullying…some homophobic.The bullying was NOT confined to school (as a later case conference revealed).I know several gay former pupils of this Cornish school who also encountered homophobic problems.Peter ended up on the streets AT 15yrs old, to the KNOWLEDGE of the Cornish Authorities who did NOTHING! The Institutional Homophobia just carried on down hill from there!

  27. Malcolm Lidbury 16 Jan 2008, 2:00pm

    SMC:- It was a group of civilians serving members of the Royal Navy who came across Peter living homeless. A voluntary support group was created for him made up of STR8, gay, men women.The Cornish Authorities have wriggled squirmed NOT to have this deriliction of ‘Duty of Care’ investigated properly.My former partner, a then serving member of the Navy attended the case conference with Peter. It was a shambolic failing of ‘Duty of Care’ by the authorities who failed EVERY single one of their owm target objectives leaving Peter ENTIRELY unsupported other than by his voluntary support team.Peter. Now 18yrs old, tried returning to his family last year…who later chucked him out on the city streets of Hull. He returned to his former Landlady in Cornwall, where he still lives. He now has a job and is doing ok and is fully informed of these threads.

  28. OMAR KUDDUS 16 Jan 2008, 2:06pm

    I don’t see anyone else asking the question, though, does any one else? “THE FULL STORY IS NOT BEING TOLD” “I’m glad someone else has come out and said it” for a change! Except:cornishuntilltheend (01.15.08 – 11:30 pm) as you are “IN A POSITION TO COMMENT” then like so may on the site who blah ,blah ,blah, and don’t substantiate their rants with hard evidence, tell us and enlighten us to the situation, as to what did he do to deserve to be expelled. By your own admission, “PEOPLE IN THE YEARS BELOW ME WEREN’T” proves that Homophobic Bullying was rife at the school, and despite the rants of the obvious, (who should take their own advise). This can have a profound effect on the individual and a knock on effect. Again, unlike what is said, Peter’s case is being investigated, and was not subject to “ a polite brush off from one Member of Parliament”, or “some sorry tale” I can assure you. The only thing that is true is, people “may not always be what they seem” and have ulterior motives unlike the majority. My credentials are open, on the table for all to see, and can be verified.apYrs , I could not agree with you more, especially when people say “like all english people, dont understand cornwall!” shows the ignorance that they are in fact English themselves.

  29. Malcolm Lidbury 16 Jan 2008, 2:20pm

    What I have to say about Institutional homophobic practise in Cornwall is the truth of personal experience observation.I too am open about who I am and do not hide behind an alias.Voted 3rd in the 2007 “Person of Southwest Gay Influence” in the htpp:// pollIn 1997 readership of the PinkPaper named me as 119th of the 500 people who hade historically had an influence upon gay life in Britain.In 1995 Gay Times publication 200th celebratory edition named me as one of the leading 200 LGBT people in me on google!I just do not give into bulies easily, whether they be Homophobic, Cornish or gay…or bizarely sometimes… ALL three!

  30. Peter Midwood 16 Jan 2008, 3:51pm

    I AM the ‘Peter’ refered to in the video talked about regarding my being homeless at 15yrs old.I confirm what Malcolm has had to say….and I have my video posted on ‘youtube’ in my own right.Malcolm has my full permission support to campaign on issues regarding my abuse, neglect and the failure of ‘duty of care’ by Cornwall social services, youth services, police education services.Stonewall did NOT want to know when I wrote to them about my situation. The police abuse has been vile disgusting the IPCC declined to investigate my complaints.As to the comments by a Cornish person…well I am Cornish, born bred, but being Cornish does not excuse HOMOPHOBIA!

  31. OMAR KUDDUS 16 Jan 2008, 5:49pm

    Peter. Well put, and I admire your courage after all you have been through.The fight is by no means over but just begun and you will have justice in the end hopefully, for the laws of this land apply equally to everyone, irrespective of their sexuality.The arguments and allegations that are posted are unsubstantiated and again without a tread of evidence to support what the author is saying.

  32. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Jan 2008, 6:54pm

    apYrs, I’m not suggesting that you do dismiss it, but I’m suggesting that you just be a little bit wary that things may not always be as they are at first presented to us.In this case as with several others that have been played out on this site, there is a distinct lack of supporting evidence to suggest that the situation is completely as presented. Why does no one else whether MPs, councillors, press, LGBT lobby groups, anyone it seems take up this issue? It could be a conspiracy by everyone, across the whole political sphere and establishment in the region, or it could be that we are getting a slightly distorted impression from one individual who carries a grudge.It may just be that there are some issues, but that these have been embellished a little. I don’t know, but personally I’m not just going to blindly support anyone just because they are gay and present a story that plays on stereotypical principles that the entire establishment has got it in for us.The police, social services and various other sectors of local government and the health service in Cornwall no doubt have a healthy contingent of gay people amongst their ranks and are we to believe that all of these individuals have all turned on one of their own?There are quite a number of references to homophobia and the police in Cornwall if you dredge through google BUT they all seem to have one author. To me this just does not add up.

  33. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Jan 2008, 7:23pm

    Malcolm, I have to say that this woeful tale is becoming more and more suspicious by the hour. Not only have we had someone else from Cornwall posting on here suggesting that there is more to this than meets the eye, but now it would appear that you are posting comments from ‘Peter’Strangely, despite a considerable age gap, and therefore likely a similarly great gap in the times in which you were educated, your style(s) of punctuation is/are identical – you (both) have a very idiosyncratic use of punctuation and even with the short posting from ‘Peter’ it is possible to see repeats in certain mechanics used by you in your copious posting about your issue.

  34. SMCI have peppered my statements with caveats where I say that on the facts presented here…..I have invited cornishuntilltheend who says he has another (evidenced) point of view to expound it.There is obviously something going on, and I’m not yet willing to say that the public services in Cornwall are or aren’t homophobic. However your faith in the gays in the public service having the political or professional clout may be misplaced. There have been too many cases of institutional bigotry to dismiss it.It may be that people ARE spinning things; I await developments

  35. Peter Midwood 16 Jan 2008, 7:26pm

    SMC, Thank you, for pointing out I have contributed a lot over the years in exposing homophobia in Cornwall.Founder, publisher, editor of the ‘Independent Cornish Triangle’, 1991-1994, A local LGBT newsletter with over 1,000 lgbt subscribers in mainly rural Cornwall, UK.In 1995, Gay Times Magazine named me in their 200th celebratory edition as one of the top 200 gay people in Britain for his contribution to gay community, equality HIV/AIDS campaigning and awareness in Cornwall. A Former trustee to the HIV/AIDS Cornwall Aids Council, Trustee for the HIV/AIDS Sprocket Trust and the gay men’s voluntary support worker for the Cornwall Hospital GU Clinic.Member of Cornwall Isles of Scillies Health Authority steering group on Gay Men’s Health, founding member of the Cornwall Gay Mens Health Project. In 1997, readership of the National LGBT newspaper Pink Paper voted me as No. 119 of the 500 people who had historically had the greatest influence upon gay life in Britain.I organised the ONLY London Gay PRIDE support event outside of London in 1994 attended by members of the PRIDE trust (Teddy Witherington Yvette of Love Muscle) I organised the ONLY rally in Cornwall on the equalising of the age of Consent, filmed as part of CH4 documentary on age of consent by the two lads who took Britain to the Court of European Rights In 1994 my partner, Andrew Roger Smith was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. We fought against Cornish institutional prejudice and discrimination. We won an Ombudsman enquiry against Kerrier District Council for maladministration with malice. In 1996, I received a televised apology on behalf of two Spanish gay men from the English Tourist Board for prejudicial breaches of the British tourist board ‘pink’ book of rules.In 1994, My partner I publicly contributed taking part visibly in an HIV/AIDS documentary made by Westcountry television ‘Days of Judgement’ about HIV/AIDS in the south west of England at a time when it was publicly dangerous to be open with both ones gay sexuality and his partners HIV/AIDS status in Cornwall.Our home was graffited, petrol atrtack, hate mail, death threats from people EXACTLY like the Cornish person who posted earlier, those who would rather homophobia in Cornwall was not spoken about or exposed. In 1997, I posthumously won on behalf of my then deceased partner a public apology from Cornwall County Council for adverse treatment and failure to deliver statutory care to him as a gay HIV/AIDS sufferer in Cornwall.In 1997, I won an Advertising Standards Authority complaint against a local business, ‘Trago Mills’, which had run adverts in local Cornish newspapers advocating the castration of gay men. I’m listed gay artist with the Middlesex University Archive of gay artists, along with Hockney, Mapplethorpe, Gilbert, George. I have exhibited at the Penzance Art Club male bronze figures with Leigh Heppell sculptor of erotic female forms. I have Artwork in the Barcelona Spanish Museum of Erotic Art and Homosexual Art Foundation in New York, USA.In 2004, the LGBT Intercom Trust asked me to assist with a forum on Cornwall LGBT community opinion of the Criminal Justice Service as part of research for the Lord Justice Kay award 2005. A protracted Four-year period of conflict followed between myself and Cornwall police who raided my home in 2004 and 2007, arresting me on spurious false allegations. No Charges ever made on the false allegations. I had run an internet Art business up until the seizing by police of my computer. No criminal charges and police Criminal Forensics admitted in Crown Court IPCC report there were no ‘alleged’ illegal images on the computer.My complaint of Police conduct lead to two separate Independent Police Complaints Commission investigations 2004/2006 resulting in twenty-two recommendations being made to Devon Cornwall Constabulary of improvement of public service and appointment of three new diversity police officers to the Cornwall police force.In 2007, a London Drill Hall Theatre stage play, ‘A gay man’s guide’ featured contributing aspects of my gay life.As a primary member of the successful 2007 Cornwall Gay PRIDE beach day steering group, the further violation victimisation by Cornwall police had an impact upon the Gay PRIDE group, which has disbanded out of FEAR of yet further reprisals intimidation by Cornwall police against the gay persons involved in Cornwalls Gay PRIDE day.In Dec 2007 I was voted 3rd in the Queerwest publication ‘Person of Gay Influence in the Southwest’.There are few in a rural area like Cornwall willing to OPENLY speak out through fear of Institutional Homophobic reprisal. How many ‘Peter Tatchell’s are there in London, in a population of 11 million.Then there is Cornwall with a rural population barely equal that of a small city like Plymouth. There are very few people with the guts to stand up in a place like Cornwall.SO, Yes I am outspoken, because if someone isn’t, then its a slippery slop towards pink triangles gas chambers.

  36. Malcolm Lidburyi 16 Jan 2008, 7:32pm

    …and yes, both Peter I posted from my computer.His homepage link will take you to his myspace profile.

  37. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Jan 2008, 7:47pm

    Oh, I think you misunderstand me Malcolm, I wasn’t making any comments about the computer the comments were coming from. I was in fact suggesting that the comments attributed to Peter contained exactly they same writing styles as yours. Some of them are quite unusual – therefore ‘I believe’ (can’t get me for libel there Omar!) that Malcolm and Peter are in fact one and the same.

  38. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Jan 2008, 7:50pm

    I await developments too apYrs (with interest).I’ll have a trawl through the internet a bit later to see if there is anything posted by an other individuals that in any way supports what we are being told on here. Nothing yet though.

  39. Malcolm Lidbury 16 Jan 2008, 8:23pm

    SMC:- No, Peter I are distinctly very, very different people.SMC: Are you sure your not Cornish, if not Cornish, perhaps your a police officer, I jest…lol.I know what I have contributed to gay equality HIV/AIDS campaigning over many years, and the assistance I have given to many, many individuals.”The stubborn nail which sticks up gets hammered hardest”…and I’ve taken a few hammerings over the years from people (often police) with beligerent bigoted mindsets and who oppose gay equality, which outside the annonymous comfort of urban living, is more common than some gay people clearly care about or believe.

  40. cornishuntilltheend 16 Jan 2008, 8:28pm

    ok lets go through these points one by oneone cornish people are not english, so thats slander for calling me english! two: where, EXACTLY, in cornwall do you come from, peter midwood? which town do you hate?three: well, of course this ‘peter’ was expelled for non attendance from helston school. they take a very strict policy on people bunking off as i should know when i traunted!!!four: yes there were some problems with homophobes in the years below me, but the teachers are very gay friendly, why didnt this ‘peter’ just freaking tell them???? i told all my classmates that i was gay when i was 15 and i was at helston school!! and all my teachers were cool. so ‘peter’ i have met you and you are a twat, god, i was hoping to get off with some guy at hayle gay pride, instead the lesbians were more manly then you (and frankly, more interesting!) SO DONT SLAG OFF HELSTON!!!! YOU DONT EVEN LIVE THERE ANYWAY1!!!!!

  41. cornishuntilltheend 16 Jan 2008, 8:30pm

    and i have no problem with people from ‘up country’ or ‘up there’ coming to live in cornwall. they should just realise that this is a different county and if they dont like it they shouldnt come here”!!!

  42. cornishuntilltheend 16 Jan 2008, 8:31pm

    I know several gay former pupils of this Cornish school who also encountered homophobic problems.yeah, i know them, god i would rather drink prussic acid then talk to them again

  43. cornishuntilltheend 16 Jan 2008, 8:35pm

    and you dont live in helston anymore, god get over it!

  44. OMAR KUDDUS 16 Jan 2008, 8:37pm

    Malcolm,I note people in glass houses are still throwing stones at you, I don’t see any mention of their achievements, and like the majority of true activists and people of standing, your credentials need not be proved as they are know, and why you are prepared to stand by your beliefs and stance.So Peter uses your compute, well and good, don’t seem to know what the problem is there. Ok punctuation, big deal. But your spelling (unlike others) is perfect, and you would never spell “referred” wrong as Peter did (but that one presumes is down to being let down by the aforementioned education system) and would never start a sentence with out a capital letter, as he did in “and”.And don’t worry about the “this woeful tale is becoming more and more suspicious by the hour” words to the effect were said about me, too. And like, apYrs, I too have asked “cornishuntilltheend” to substantiate his claim and am still waiting, though mercifully not with held breath.

  45. cornishuntilltheend 16 Jan 2008, 8:44pm


  46. OMAR KUDDUS 16 Jan 2008, 9:03pm

    Cornishuntilltheend: Another person who apparently does not speak the language, so let me explain to you. Slander is spoken, libel is written. And as Cornwall is in England, despite your protests to the contradictory, you are English, despite what you personally want to call yourself, so Point one is out of the window.Does one by his own confession, “ i was hoping to get off with some guy at hayle gay pride” sum up most of your ranting, and why you seem still to not provide any thing constructive to the discussion, that you claim to have.Except that you “would rather drink prussic acid then talk to them again”.By your own admission “ I know several gay former pupils of this Cornish school who also encountered homophobic problems”I think you have made the point for everyone, as to where you are from and your side of the “story”.

  47. cornishuntilltheend 16 Jan 2008, 9:12pm

    i didnt say that, malcom didcornwall is NOT england, it is cornwall!

  48. Malcolm Lidbury 16 Jan 2008, 9:13pm

    Oh! (Cornishuntiltheend) Peter Merrick from Cornwall(Since you mentioned the PRIDE beach picnic), Where you managed to offend SO many of the gay men there(and some of the women) by your uninvited lasivious behaviour towards them!However, Peter Midwood (the former homeless youth) is Cornish and still lives in the Helston Area, as do other former gay students of Helston school, the ones you have been so offensive towards on here.You Mr Merrick exemplify perfectly for us here EXACTLY the sort of mentality that we are challenged with overcoming in Cornwall.It appears I’m still doing very essential missionary work in Cornwall, lol.

  49. cornishuntilltheend 16 Jan 2008, 9:16pm

    then why doesnt this peter post here? and if i offended the women there why did they invite me to carharrack social club that evening? and why did two of the lesbians just tag me on gaydar !gbeing bitter and twisted like you really does noone any favours, including yourself, gay people have all heard this non ‘story’ that has nothing to do whatsoever with someone being gay!

  50. OMAR KUDDUS 16 Jan 2008, 9:27pm

    “cornwall is NOT england, it is cornwall!”Why does one even bother, when the person who is ranting away cannot even spell or know where they are from?Capital C, and look at a map of the UK.Not Bothering with you any more, as I have made my point, for all to clearly see.

  51. cornishuntilltheend 16 Jan 2008, 9:46pm

    cornwall is cornish,never english

  52. Sister Mary Clarence 16 Jan 2008, 11:22pm

    “No, Peter I are distinctly very, very different people” You may very well be, but I’d happily bet a great deal on the fact that you have been using Peter’s name to make postings.Clearly Omar has been focusing on other people’s spelling too much (and not focusing enough on his own), to notice the tell tale signs that the postings are from the same author.

  53. Sister Mary Clarence 17 Jan 2008, 1:32am

    Well I’ve been scouring through the internet looking for evidence of anything remotely homophobic going on in Cornwall involving the police and I can find no allegations that do not revolve around or emanate from our very own Malcolm. All credit to you Malcolm for thus far avoiding being labeled a vexatious complainantI did however trip over this – check out who’s at number 78 on the list.The top 100 employers and the gay-friendliness score Stonewall gave them out of a possible 100 per cent. No. 78 Devon Cornwall Constabulary 57% Seems they must have well and truly pulled the wool over Stonewall’s eyes.

  54. Malcolm Lidbury 17 Jan 2008, 11:06am

    SMC:- Peter made his own posting. RE:-Stonewall, you were looking at last years figure, ASTOUNDINGLY they were made 77th this year. I have written questioning STONEWALL about their top 100 employers list, since the Independent Police Complaints Commission made in 2006 twenty two recomendations of needed improvement in public service to be made by Cornwall police as a result of IPCC partly investigating just a fraction of my complaints. I have also instigated a complaint regarding the Devon Cornwall Police “Charter Mark” since Middlemore HQ refuses to reply to any correspondence (DISREGARDING 2004 IPCC recommendations) regarding already proven investigation, let alone the uninvestigated complaints.

  55. Sister Mary Clarence 17 Jan 2008, 11:48am

    Malcolm, yours is the only negative story I can find about Cornwall Police and that is after spending quite some time looking. I can see why they would score quite highly with Stonewall and I can see from the internet that they do seem to have an extensive range of policies, procedures and practices geared to equal opportunities.Interestingly they were very affirmative in their commitment to equality across the board when Christian Voice complained about officers marching in uniform at Pride:DEVON CORNWALL CONSTABULARY”Stop hate Crime: A hate crime is motivated by prejudice against someone’s sex, racial heritage, religion, disability or sexual orientation. Incidents can involve violence, threats, property damage, verbal abuse, offensive messages or other harassment.” (Website)”I do not believe a meeting with officers in the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary to discuss a nationally agreed move would be fruitful.” (22 September 2003)Nigel Arnold Deputy Chief Constable for Maria Wallis, Chief Constable, Devon Cornwall ConstabularyIt is clear that some years ago you had an issue concerning treatment by the police but speaking personally it looks to me that since then that you have launched into a one man vendetta against them. The number of references to harassment of gay people in Cornwall are enormous when you look, but they are all referring to the same story – yours. It looks very much like you are just trying to further your own little campaign against the police on here now.I have no reason to believe that you and your late partner were not treated very badly before he passed away, and I am genuinely very sorry that it happened to you both. However it was over a decade ago and I don’t really think you are helping anyone, least of all yourself or the gay community by not moving on.

  56. Malcolm Lidbury 17 Jan 2008, 12:55pm

    SMC:- So you… 1. missed the Trelusewll Incident of police entrapment against Home Office guidelines condemned by a local mp.2. missed the death of a gay man following assault by a nieghbour, the investigation botched by police.3. missed the police targeting of single male beach goers at Perranporth other Cornish beaches.4. missed the violent assault upon two gay/bi person Flora Day, Helston, 2006, where police ignored ‘True Vision’ policy5. missed a 15yr old homophobically bullied youth living on the streets to the knowledge of authorities who had done nothing.6. missed abuse of an inoccent gay teenager his pensioner landlady in a botched strip search ‘stop n search’. Police did eventually prosecute the real thief.7. Missed the destruction of a gay business by seizing of a computer, police later had to admit in Crown Court DID NOT have any alleged illegal images on.8. missed the disbandment of the Cornwall LGBT PRIDE group due to fear of further police reprisal.9. Cornish Mp Colin Breed, Lib Dem, who has opposed the ‘incitement to hatred’ law. …and there’s more, much more……but, I give up, you clearly do not want to believe facts of others experience.There is a saying about Cornwall.Those gay people with the get up and go… have got up and gone, leaving very few gay people willing to actually do anything, say anything, contribute to anything.Although, HATS OFF to a new little gay bar in Truro (barqudos) which is doing an astounding job of putting on a diverse range of LGBT entertainment.My personal contribution to gay equality HIV/AIDS is a matter of record.I agree with ‘Cornishtilltheend’ in that Cornwall is different. Xenophobia, homophobia and racisim is regretably common should hear some of the hatred directed towards East European agricultural workers down here.However, I see no purpose in engaging with you SMC further.

  57. Sister Mary Clarence 17 Jan 2008, 1:17pm

    Yep, I missed all of these and I missed them all because all I saw was another rant at the police by you.All anyone will see when they search for any issues in Cornwall is the same issues and incidents reported by you – again and again and again.I like I’m sure many others have skimmed the articles and thought it is one individual with a grudge- something which I perosnally have no interest in whatsoever.So as a direct result of you infiltrating every community website, blog et al that you possibly could you raise you issue (issues?) I for one have not taken too much notice of the stories. They start the same way,they end the same way, so to be honest, life is too short to be reading everything in between iof it looks like it is going to be the story told and retold again and again.This I think makes my pojnt that you are not helping the gay community in Cornwall. How many other people start reading a story, realise that it is you banging on about what appears to be the same thing, and move on.There may be some very important messages that are buried in amongst all the dross but you have diluted them so much that you could lose the will to live reading through it all.I really do believe that you need to move on. You are doing far more damage than good.

  58. Sister Mary Clarence 17 Jan 2008, 1:22pm

    Oh and Malcolm, racism is directed at East European workers all over the country not just Cornwall – usually by people who have spent their entire life sponging off the state because they couldn’t ‘find’ a job. Ironically, its these self same Eastern European’s taxes that are helping to pay for said spongers life of leisure.

  59. cornishforever 17 Jan 2008, 6:28pm

    yeah, cos every gay person lives a life of repression and loneliness in cornwall, dont they, well isnt it amazing that ALL OF THE INCIDENTS YOU MENTION ARE IN SOME WAY CONNECTED TO YOU – who isnt even cornish!!!!you are not cornish!!thats weird, i thought ryan johnston was involved in the LGBT pride group, does anyone remember what happened to him? hes not in spain is he????

  60. OMAR KUDDUS 17 Jan 2008, 7:24pm

    Sorry you have lost me there, who said “cos every gay person lives a life of repression and loneliness in cornwall” ? “cornishforever” or is that “cornishuntilltheend” , as people like pointing out it gets confusing, especially when we keep making the same spelling mistakes and rant identically! Who actually cares about being Cornish or Not, as that has never been an issue, by the mere fact that a person lives in Cornwall, does not mean that Homophobia and the laws of the land stop existing, unless we are going back to the Its Cornwall not England bit again.

  61. Sister Mary Clarence 17 Jan 2008, 7:51pm

    Omar – you really need to get over the spelling issue. People make spelling mistakes for all sorts of reasons, and I don’t really think that ridiculing anyone for it is a particularly positive thing to do – its just a form of bullying.

  62. Malcolm Lidbury 17 Jan 2008, 8:40pm

    Dear Peter Merrick?”Cornishforever”What has being born Cornish to do with whether the authorities in Cornwall are acting homophobically, observing the law, or CPS definition of a homophobic incident or the ‘True Vision’ policy on homophobic incidents?Ryan? Not one of the former Cornwall Gay PRIDE beach day steering group to my knowledge and I was 2007 Cornwall PRIDE beach day chairperson. Ryan may have been a member of a bebo sub-group, or the faceparty sub-group or the myspace sub-group, doubtful he was part of the women’s outback sub-group, lol. Why? Did Ryan knock you back, in the same way some of those guyz on the beach did when Mr Merrick came on to them like a ton of bricks, lol. The Treluswell entrapment incident:- I was not involved in, other than providing support to some men caught up in the police entrapment and my reporting the incident through the then local LGBT newsletter and other gay media.True:- I officiated the funeral for the gay man who died following being assaulted by his nieghbour.True:- I used to officiate at gay non religious funerals in Cornwall for some who had died as a result of HIV/AIDS. True:- When a local reporter informed me of the adverts by Trago Mills in his paper advocating the castration of gay men to stop the spread of AIDS I initiated the complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority …and won!True:- When it was revealed in the Cornwall Isles of Scilly Health Authority HIV/AIDS Control Act report that:- 1. 70% of the then known cases in Cornwall of HIV/AIDS were amongst men who had sex with men.2. The health Authority recieved an HIV/AIDS ring fenced budget of £500,000+3. The Cornwall Health Authority was only spending £3,000 of that HIV budget on preventative work for gay men.True:- It took me two years to win the complaint against Cornwall County Council for their failure to provide statutary assistance to a CORNISH gay HIV/AIDS suffer. A postumous victory since the Cornish person concerned was dead by the time we won! (The complaint procedure should NOT have taken longer than six weeks, not two years)True:- I also won on behalf of a CORNISH born HIV/AIDS suffer, an Ombudsman enquiry against Kerrier District Council for “Maladministration with Malice”.True:- I was scathing in my critisicim of Cornish gay men who SPAT at, pushed jostled a Blind Gay Cornishman for his apparent ordacity to attend a then local gay club, him openly living with HIV/AIDS. ‘How dare he’ was the local Cornish mentality of some!True:- I facilitated, chaired by invitation (non-voting capacity) the Cornwall Young Gay Men’s Group in the 1990’s (18-25yr olds) True:- Yes, I took action and attended health conferences in Salisbury Cornwall out of my own pocket and FORCED the Health Authority to increase its spending vis Stephen Dorrel the then Health Minister, to increase spending on Gay Men’s Health promotion in Cornwall to £50,000 a year.I also wrote the widely distributed read Cornwall County Special Report on “IMPLICATIONS for Cornwall” from the 1996 conference on the Health of the Lesbian, Gay Bisexual Nation.True:- I was one of a group of both civilians serving members of the armed forces who discovered the 15yr old gay youth living rough on the streets in the absence of ‘duty of care’ by the authorities I was one of many who decided to take action to assist him. (Do you know what, I do not beleive there was a single Cornish person in the group of about twenty men women who gave voluntary support assistance to the 15yr old homeless Cornish lad).True:- regarding police action on Cornish beaches (Perranporth natuarist beach) targeting single male sunbathers, I have only been involved in giving support to those cautioned or advesely affected.True:- When two Spainish men contacted me due to abuse they had recieved from a Cornish hotelier, I assisted them in getting a televised appology on behalf of the English Tourist Board, Westcountry Tourist Board Cornish Tourist Board.True:- My former partner I were the ONLY people in Cornwall willing to openly take part in the Westcountry television documentary on impact affect of HIV/AIDS in the southwest.True:- I was the GU Clinic voluntary gay men’s support worker for several years a Trustee of the Cornwall HIV/AIDS Council, which gave hardship financial assistance to those living with HIV/AIDS in Cornwall. True:- I have been vocal in raising awareness of Cornish Lib Dem Mp Colin Breed’s opposition to the new ‘incitement to gay hatred law’Hell, I even voluntarily helped build the bogs shower at the only exclusive LGBT campsite in Cornwall run by two lesbians!True:-I’ve run my own businesses in Cornwall which gave employment to local Cornish people, businesses which enabled Cornish people to obtain recognised qualifications.True:- I am vocal in my condemnation of HOMOPHOBIC attitudes practises I have personally experienced/observed within the Cornwall police force…and knowing as I do the PROVEN habit of Cornish Authorities to ignore and bury complaints I am fully aware that it is bloody minded tenacity which is required to get homophobia investigated. There is more, lots more, but I think most will get the gist.Apart from the apparent accident of geography of where you were born, Mr Merrick, please DO tell us, what have YOU as a Cornish person, ever contributed to Cornish lgbt equality or gay men’s health in Cornwall?

  63. Malcolm Lidbury 17 Jan 2008, 11:16pm

    SMC:- Having re-read myself my post to ‘Cornishforever’ Mr Merrick (…and realised just how much I have still managed to miss out that I have contributed to over the years in Cornwall…an lgbt social group, a lgbt supper club weekend lgbt tea garden, are just three more things that come to mind which I initiated organised and ran for years voluntarily)…I guess your right SMC… I have been a dis-service to the lgbt community of Cornwall!

  64. Sister Mary Clarence 17 Jan 2008, 11:51pm

    Yes Malcolm, its a shame that bitterness at the treatment that you and your boyfriend received before his death has led you to this.The internet shows that you do have an impressive record over a number of years.You are not only letting down the gay community in Cornwall but most of all you are letting yourself down by allowing yourself to be consumed by bitterness. It is very said to see a pillar of the community reduced to such depths.I sincerely hope you can put it all behind you soon, start to regain some self-respect and move your life on.

  65. Bill Perdue 18 Jan 2008, 5:15am

    Sister Mary Putrescence’s shabby go at playing an agony aunt is just as ludicrous as Sister Mary Dreary’s pretence of having a clue about politics. It’s as pathetic as Sister Mary Malicious’ dismal attempts to please his Conservative paymasters by diverting attention away from their homobigotry and islamophobia. Sister Mary Inepta has singlehandedly managed to alienate everyone at pinknews with a little help from his troll clones. We do honestly want a conservative voice that knows a little about politics, has actually done something for GLBT folk, however modest, and who can present conservative ideas without slinging fecal matter at all and sundry. Can someone ask Cameron to send this dismal failure to Conservative Siberia and replace him with someone honest? Is that too much to ask?

  66. Sister Mary Clarence 18 Jan 2008, 8:23am

    Thanks for that Bill, glad you could spare a few moments from preaching denial of the holocast and telling the world that 911 was a US conspiracy to drop in a few pearls of wisdom.I for one will be hanging on the edge of my seat for your next installment. Perhaps you could reveal the truth about the moon landings and Area 51 next time?

  67. Malcolm Lidbury 18 Jan 2008, 9:02am

    SMC:- My former partner did die eleven years ago (1996)and was treated disgustingly by Cornish Authorities proven to have been so. What has lead me to return to campaigning has been experience observation of continuing homophobic practises conduct within Cornwall’s authorities institutions, the Devon Cornwall Constabulary in particular. The TWO Independent Police Complaint Commission enquries I won were 2004 2006.The 2006 enquiry barley touched the surface of the complaints, many handed over to the internal Professional Standards unit …and simply buried….but despite only a fraction of the complaints against police investigated…the IPCC still made twenty two recommendations of needed improvement of public service to be carried out by Devon Cornwall Constabulary…which they have simply ignored.The victimisation of some gay persons by police lead to the disbandment of the successful 2007 Cornwall gay PRIDE beach day steering group as a result of continuing Cornwall police homophobic attitudes.

  68. Bill you muppet, are you actually capable of debating any issue with anyone on this site?If anyone wants to swap views on any subject with Sister Mary, fine, go ahead. Many do, and as has always been pointed out, there’s no reason why we should agree on politics generally. It would be a very dull world if we did.But so long as you continue to rant against anyone who disagrees with your Marxist fantasies, it will be returned in kind.I might not agree with everything Sister Mary says, but he’s as much right to come on here and give his opinion as anyone else.Or are you still fantasising that anyone who takes issue with you is the same poster?So many debates on here get hijacked and go off at a tangent because of Bill’s non stop agenda. One example; criticism of the bigotry of the Catholic Church is perfectly acceptable, except that Bill drags it down to the nth degree with his vitriolic hatred of all things Catholic and Christian.Oh, and just because others disagree with Sister Mary, somehow I don’t think that means they are endorsing your views.Lots of love

  69. Sister Mary Clarence 18 Jan 2008, 10:58am

    Yes, Malcolm I aware of all of that because it is played out again and again on the internet. That’s actually the point that I am making. I understand your eagerness to heighten awareness about various issues, however posting the same thing over and over again on different sites to ensure that it is seen my as many people as possible will only ensure that people grow tired of hearing the same thing again and again.I know it is a tactic employed by others on here, but is it really effective do you think? I’ve looked back over various comments pages over a period of months and you have repeated the same thing on thread after thread, which invariably has nothing to do with the news story concerned.This site is not a notice board for community issues, it is a news site and the comments pages are for people post comments in relation to the relevant news story. There are other sites for you to post comments about your negative experiences, and it is clear that you are aware of them already as you have in fact saturated a number of them with your story as well.I’ve no doubt that these comments will be jumped on by a couple of others who repeatedly bang on about their own individual issues, at the expense of discussion about current news issues, but I can’t understand how any amount of discussion of these personal issues is in anyway going to improve the situation is regard to anyone’s personal problems and experiences.If you walk into a shoe shop and ask for a tin of paint, the first thing the shop keeper will think is that you’re a nutcase, how won’t immediately think that you actually need paint.

  70. Sister Mary Clarence 18 Jan 2008, 11:00am

    Cheers Luke – reasoned as always

  71. cornishforever 18 Jan 2008, 5:29pm

    the only thing i noticed in all that drivel was this:(Do you know what, I do not beleive there was a single Cornish person in the group of about twenty men women who gave voluntary support assistance to the 15yr old homeless Cornish lad).WHY IS THIS?? you are talking shite, get a life

  72. Cornishforever; You were asked what had you done as a Cornish person to progress gay equality HIV/AIDS awareness in Cornwall. You are pretty much proving Malcolm’s point, regarding obvious problems in an area like Cornwall by your comments. Just out of interest are you the same person asked not to trawl for sex in the Plymouth Pride Forum discussion forum by leaving your telephone number in the forum discussion pages? I only ask out of interest as I believe they too came from Helston in Cornwall. Malcolm does appear to have a real up hill struggle on down there!

  73. Sister Mary Clarence 18 Jan 2008, 10:44pm

    “You were asked what had you done as a Cornish person to progress gay equality HIV/AIDS awareness in Cornwall”Why does that matter, is there a competition to see who has done the most for the gay community?

  74. cornishuntilltheend 18 Jan 2008, 10:55pm

    i thought that was what gay messaging boards are for, obvisouly we are supposed to be pure and virtours souls and not think about sexand sister mary clarence, of course its a competition! we are men arent we, all men compete. its a fact, all men love giving out whole reams of information to disguise their sexual inadequacies

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