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Italian gays protest at the Vatican

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Reader comments

  1. Rich the Vatican’s newspaper accusing others of child abuse. When the Catholic church abuses gay and Lesbian people it includes those children who have a gay or lesbian sexual orientation. Watching the amount of suffering caused by the ignorant bigoted pronouncements and directives that sprout from the Catholic church in relation to homosexuality is excruciating to watch. I have nothing but contempt for the way they demand power and social control and wrap it up or justify it in contradictory and partial religious belief. Their talk of morality makes me gag. They can express their beliefs in their own press all they like, it doesn’t stop the rest of us seeing them for what they are.

  2. Marta Mannenbach 1 Mar 2013, 12:55am

    It’ s so great to find this article here. I am in a team working on a documentary about Alfredo Ormando and homophobia in Vatican.
    There are deadly consequences to the Church’s hypocrisy & homophobia. You can find out more and support the documentary ALFREDO’S FIRE here:

    Open Eye Pictures

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