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Gay-friendly Brighton Council “not complacent”

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Reader comments

  1. Pete Michael 24 Aug 2006, 2:36pm

    The younger gay generation will not understand the pressures of an illegal homosexual life in the 50’s and 60’s,, but there was a drastic change in England when the Wolfenden Report was presented to Parliament in 1967 with the upcoming result in 1969 of legalising homosexual relationships so long as the participants were over 21, and that sexual relations where held behind locked doors. Coming to The Stonewall Pub in Greenwich Village, the uprising of the Gay populace was a, because Judy Garland had died in London, b, the continual harassment by the Police of that time, having visited The Stonewall Pub over many years, it never had that atmosphere over the later years. Of course the Boots Saddles is still going strong and there have been a lot of changes there too. I think now because the Gay Communities in both USA and UK have more disposable incomes that we now all seem to pick and choose what we want to do and there does not seem to be any cohesion in having to go to gay bars, and the struggles for Equality issues anymore. It seems to be a sad fact of our Gay existence.

  2. This article is misleading. The bar that is closing is not “the original Stonewall” but rather another bar that openned on the site about ten years ago. Back in the 80s this location was home to a bagel shop and I do not know what it was before that.The owners of the bar market their establishment as “the original Stonewall” but it is merely a bar that openned on a historic site.There are bars in New York that have been operating as gay bars since the time of the Stonewall riot (notably Julius)–but this bar was not one of them.

  3. This article had my blood boiling! The writer says its because whites dont want to be around a black clientel. This is Nonsense! I am a frequent patron of this bar for the last 10 years and have stopped going because the so called gangster parties are not my thing. I dont care what you look like or come from, Im just not into rap music and the such. They started charging a cover, the AC is almost always off and the place smells really bad.. Not to mention the staff doesnt smile at all. And I am supposed to spend my hard earned money there because its Stonewall? HA!

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