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COMMENT:Tatchell on the rise of US-style Christian activists

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Reader comments

  1. Jerry Maneker 15 Jan 2007, 4:55am

    This is a wonderful article that not only shows the refreshingly basic decency and intelligence behind affirming non-discrimination, but shows enviable insight into the corrosive misuse of a gross perversion of Christianity that seeks to deny basic dignity and civil rights to LGBT people. I wish that this decency, intelligence, and insight was characteristic of many professing Christians and others in the U.S. as well.

  2. Adam Pogonowski 15 Jan 2007, 3:13pm

    An excellent article. Evangelical Christians (and generally fundamentalists of all faiths) pose huge problems not just to gay rights, but to women’s rights and to people’s lives in general. They need to realise that people will no longer tolerate this kind of suppression. I am glad the vote to amend the bill was defeated.

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