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Lesbian Avengers studio could close

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Reader comments

  1. Could they not sort of knock it down but rebuild it with its original image re invented for the future. A bit like BMW did with that other great icon, the mini.

  2. This is disgraceful. What next? Will they demolish the studio where beloved gay icon Kylie performed on Top of the Pops? This wreaks of prejudice. They even got rid of Greg Dyke because of his queer name. Typical homophobic heterosexual licence payers. Bastards. If I was Dale Winton I’d be shitting myself. His days are surely numbered.

  3. Is Sue Lawley a lesbian?She certainly looked very excited when those lesbos chained themselves to her ankles.I wonder what she’s got to say about this desecration.

  4. Greta, Germany 14 Jan 2007, 12:08am

    As a child, i looked up to the many great gay TV shows including Rentaghost with Timothy Claypole, The Generation Game with Larry “Shut That Door” Grayson and Call My Bluff with Sandi Tosvig. It’s a disgrace that all that gay history is about to come crashing down around our ears. Perhaps they should rebuild TV Centre on Compton Street between GAY Bar and Mary Poppins to say sorry.

  5. I am outraged!

  6. It’s outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous. I for one certainly won’t be watching Strictly Come Dancing anymore. Is anyone up for starting a petition? Let’s start a focus group.

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