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LGBT ‘Navajo’ project angers Natives

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Reader comments

  1. Helen and Joe Roberts think free speech is only for christians. Why shouldn’t groups call themselves Navajo or whatever. Next thing the Roberts will be writing to the Cherokee nation to complain that Tesco is making use of them as a clothing brand name, NOT!

  2. Obviously, political attempts to justify the homo-sexual movement at the expense of the given name of “Navajo”. Homo-sexuals had a place in traditional Navajo society, the homo-sexuals accepted this and cherished their role HOWEVER, at a time when humans had morals and ethics (homosexual or not, good or bad), everybody ‘respected’ one anothers. This is changed and NOW homo-sexuals look to implement their own brand of politics at the expense of good name and cause of people in general. I detest the homosexual agenda and applaud the Navajo Nation for standing firm to protect the name and santity of it’s “remaining” tribal members.It is troubling to see one person’s opinion with respect to homosexuals affairs in traditional Navajo seems to dictate THEY were the cause for the numbers of registered members to flourish….the longivity of registerd members particularly the ancestorial lines was the result of a man and woman NOT homo-sexuals as much as homo-sexuals lobbyists want to contend.

  3. Whilst I am involved in aspects of the “Navajo Project”, and am a gay man by birth and not by preference, I understand the sentiments of the Navajo Nation. To this end, I think it would have been both wise and courteous of those involved in naming this project to have consulted the Navajo people first, and then to have respected their views. As human beings, we all owe each other respect, unless and until that respect is abused. I would hope that the Navajo Nation would now do two things. As A Born Again Christian and as a gay man, I would hope they could forgive, and secondly, I would ask from them tollerance and understanding. These qualities, I believe this would enhance their standing as a nation even further, and, hopefully, make them proud that their name was chosen as a symbol of tollerance and understanding.

  4. As a full blooded Navajo woman I respect the views and comments but as usual…we as Native American have been trampled again. We as Native Americans lend our names in honor not as a label. I prefer that one ask and Fully disclose the true values and facts. My culture supports that life is about (female/male, positive/negitive, good/evil, and etc. Harmony is our way of life. In other words Life is balance.

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