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Gordon Ramsay 50th most popular gay icon

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Reader comments

  1. As a fan from the colonies, I was somewhat dismayed by the reporting of’s Gay icon poll.1. it appears that the company has no experience in researching Gay subjects.2. the research was apparrently conducted by their regular staff.3. no gays were known to be consulted. (read the article, there is nothing about methodology and/or the nature of the research pool).what does a straight man or woman know about what inspires gay men or women? I find it particularly telling that onepoll thinks that Gays primarily worship straights. I love Judy for who she was a great talent and a courageous human being. I do not love her because I am gay. as a gay man I look to and would have my gay children (if any) look to Rupert Everett or the mayor of Berlin. where does this leave us? either with a poll of questionable validity or a gay culture that still hates itself for being gay. (they are right the Yanks go on and on…)

  2. Gordon Ramsay, “The Swearing Scrotum” is a GAY ICON?!?!? Don’t make me laugh – he’s repulsive, aggressive & downright rude! Any other boss that treated their staff the way he does would be subject to weekly industrial tribunals! Must be his bank balance that’s appealing….

  3. I think it may have something to do with his insistance on taking his shirt off at least once on every cooking show he appears on. Doesn’t float my boat though.

  4. John Macdonald 10 Jun 2009, 6:12am

    He should never be on a gay at all. It really highlights the gay community and how low they think of themselves to even put people like Ramsay on a gay poll. Sad indictment of the gay community, world wide.

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