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COMMENT: Peter Tatchell – A quote for every occasion?

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  1. Adam Pogonowski 6 Jan 2007, 12:00am

    I wholly concur with Ben’s comments about Mr. Tatchell’s articulation and correctness. However, to suggest that he ought to keep a lower profile, is wrong. Mr. Tatchell has his name mainly because he participates in events that are going to be a hit with journalists – we all recall the incident with George Carey and Robert Mugabe. The fact that Mr. Tatchell appears on many television programmes, speaking about lots of subjects is a good thing as opposed to a bad one. He raises awareness not solely for gay rights, but human rights in general. That he does so is a positive for rights do not begin and end at those for gays. There are more pressing rights issues that need to be dealt with aside from gay rights. Mr. Tatchell does tremendously important work both in the human rights field and the gay rights field; his omnipresence does not get in the way of his message, rather, it brings it to more people’s attention. This is amazing, not a cause to call for a toning down of his image.

  2. We owe a lot to Peter Tatchell, if it wasn’t for him standing up for the LGBT community we would still be in the dark ages. Tell me who else would put his life and limb in jeopardy fighting for our right to live and work in a majority hetrosexual and zealous religious world. Good on him!!

  3. Adam Pogonowski 6 Jan 2007, 2:10pm

    Absolutely! Who would we have if he wasn’t here!?

  4. I find Ms Chakrabarti and St. Tatchell vomit inducing – Self publicists generally irritate me.

  5. Adam Pogonowski 7 Jan 2007, 1:54pm

    I would not say that Peter Tatchell is a self-publicist. Just because he protests and speaks out against human rights abuses, and as a consequence appears on TV and in the papers a lot, does not make him a self-publicist. He is merely raising awareness of issues that nobody else really is. The same with Shami Chakrabati too.

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