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Stonewall slams Christian/Muslim protest

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  1. Ben Summerskill correctly observes: “These Christian groups are breaking the ninth commandment, namely ‘Thou shalt not bear false witness.'”Most of the public criticism of the religious campaign against the SORs seems to have come from secular organisations and non-religious groups. Where the heck are the Christian leaders who will speak up clearly against the lies, distortion and prejudice that has been peddled so shamefully by the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship and Coherent Cohesive Voice?

  2. if by preaching their beliefs they mean by christain and muslims groups calling us deviants, then good, I am glad they cant do this. Go preach so love and peace not hate?

  3. Chad Barber 5 Jan 2007, 7:44am

    The biggest problem is that people tolerate religious bigots because, somehow, religiosity supersedes hate and makes it OK. If you can say it’s a deeply held religious belief; can you openly call black people ‘deviant’? No. People should stand up to religious groups. They have torn the planet with their hate – which always springs from ostensibly pious religious yearnings. Nobody’s belief should entitle them to discriminate against another, no matter how deeply held it is. People tiptoe around them trying to not hurt there delicate little spiritual paradigms, it must stop.

  4. “Unusual combination”? Judaism, Christianity and Islam have the same roots, prophets and lawmakers: Abraham, Moses,… Fundamentally, these religions want to impose the same outdated values on society.

  5. “Muslim activists have said that the SOR will force them to appoint homosexuals or anyone with any “sexual deviation” in Muslim institutions, mosques and schools.”Don’t make me laugh. Sure, gays and lesbians are standing in line for a job in a relgious fundamentalist organization!

  6. It will be interesting to see how many go to this protest?The impression I get is that these people would rather send letters from the comfort of there home than out themselves in public as homophobes!When the gay community march we regally have hundreds of thousands of people!

  7. Is there any kind of counter gay/ lesbian protest being organized for tuesday? I’ve checked out the outrage and stonewall sites but no word of anything. I remeber the (section 2 days when we would be out in numbers for this kind of event. It worries me that we think we’ve got equal rights now that we have the civil partnership, so we sit back and lose the ground we’ve gained. Anyone up for meeting up/ counter protest?

  8. sitting here watching Heaven and Earth show. Some christen lawyer is on there arguing the christian ethic, BADLY. They dont really have an argument at all , unless they come out and admit that there whole chain of thought is hate. What else is it? Do they really condone lesbians being denigned smeer tests? Do they really want GPS to be able to turn gay people away if they are unwell. Please please some one explain to me where in the bible it condons such hate? I am not a christian , but I endeavour to help my friends , neighbours and any one else who might need my help equally

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